Line Attenuation and Noise Margin

  fitshase 00:08 27 Oct 2007

I have a Netgear DG834PN router connected to Freedom2surf via a BT line.

I've just moved house so I've transferred the broadband account across. Now, the broadband has been OK for the past week but today it has been very intermittent with connection outages frequent.

I've been told that the connection can have something to do with the line attenuation and the noise margin (signal to noise ratio?).

The figures I have are:-

Connection speed = 6880 kbps
Line attenuation = 35.0 db
Noise margin = 5.7 db

Connection speed = 448 kbps
Line attenuation = 18.0 db
Noise margin = 19.0 db

Can anyone explain what these figures are and what the ideal figures should be?



  Dipso 00:21 27 Oct 2007

OK, line attenuation, the lower the better e.g. if you lived nextdoor to the exchange your attenuation would be 1db. 35 isn't bad and in theory you should be able to get the maximum 8 Meg connection speed with that *

Noise margin, if you connect at less than the full 8 Meg then 6 is the optimum figure. Yours is 5.7db which is near enough. Keep an eye on it though as you don't want it to drop much lower or you will lose sync.

* As you aren't getting the maximumn potential speed from your line I would check your internal wiring. Are you connecting through the first socket in your house, the master socket? Follow the guide
click here and check if the ring wire is connected. Removing this can often result in improved speeds.

  setecio 11:51 27 Oct 2007

Your adsl connection might be still adjusting to find the best speed ... I think it can take about 10 days to settle.

Can I ask how long it took for freedom2surf to transfer the broadband over ... 1 day, 1 week, 3 weeks ... I'm just interested in how long various companies take for house moves.

  fitshase 18:45 27 Oct 2007

I'll give it a few more days to see if it settles but I think there is definitely a problem somewhere.

The router is connected into the master socket and the ring wire is disconnected as well. I don't have any other extensions connected.

Freedom2Surf took 5 working days to connect me. Basically, you cancel your old contract/connection and order a new one on the same account number. They keep you up to date on any developments and send you e-mails along the way.

  Dipso 21:38 27 Oct 2007

There could be a voice fault on your line. Plug in a phone, nothing else, no filter, into the master socket, dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test) and listen for any pops or crackles. If you hear anything it's likely you have a voice fault whihc would also affect your broadband, this would have to be reported to BT on 150.

  setecio 22:01 27 Oct 2007

I helped someone moving house to transfer their Tiscali broadband .... it took 15 working days (3 weeks) .... I thought it was a very poor service to be without for 3 weeks !

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