limiting laptop battery charge and discharge cycles automatically

  tenntexjlw 01:27 21 Mar 2014

I am using a Dell Inspiron N4010 laptop computer with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M450 @ 2.40GHz with 4.00 GB RAM 64-bit Operating System Windows 7 Professional

The battery that came with the computer lasted two years. The aftermarket battery I replaced it with lasted only 6 months. Because it had a one year warranty the place where I bought it replaced it. After reading an article on extending battery life, I started trying to limit the discharge to 40% using the battery low level and shut down settings and the charge to 80% by manually disconnecting the charger at the computer whenever it reached 80%.

The battery meter function has a battery life tab with a check box to disable battery charging but this seems to only stop charging when checked but does not restart charging, except maybe on reboot.

I want the computer to automatically stop charging at 80% and start recharging at 40%. Is this possible with some kind of code that could be added to the computer or is the capability already there and I just need to learn how to use it? Some brands of computers I am told have this capability.

I am not a programmer so I do not know how much of the battery charging functions are in the operating system and how much are in the factory hardware programming from Dell.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Williams

  spuds 09:36 21 Mar 2014

I would not know the actual answer to your question, but if I was you, I would ask Dell support for further advice on that particular model , before trying to make any further changes.

I would suggest that you do not mention using a compatible type battery, because some laptop manufacturer's might hint that this could be a problem?.

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