lilli0000 23:57 22 Jan 2006

I have 2 PCs connected together by ethernet and crossover cable on ADSL Broadband,both connect to the net o.k.,the host direct and client on Lan,the host is XP Home and the client XP.Pro both with SP2, the client has very limited web access but the sites it does connect to are fine,i have run Cybertweak but that has made no difference ,but i have found that the host is running Fat32 and the client NTFS could this be the problem and would a router solve it,
it is driving us bonkers and would stop a PC from getting beaten with a big stick!!!!
Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

  Skyver 00:06 23 Jan 2006

When you say `limited`, in what way? Slow? Unable to access some sites or services? Intermittent connection?

  lilli0000 15:18 23 Jan 2006

I can get ASDA and Morrisons but not Tesco or Sainsburys ,i can get Argos but i cant get Microsoft or messenger at all but i have the MSN homepage i can also get Google images but the sites that i can access seem to be fine and load at the same speed as the host,i wondered if there could be a problem with the host on Fat32 and the client on NTFS and whether a router would be the answer,i bought the 2nd Pc for my grandchildren to play on Runescape mainly but we can't get that either,i have Java,Shockwave and Flash and i have also run Cybertweak for the MTU settings but it made no difference,i don't really want to go to the extra expense of a router unless it is likely to solve the problem but i have come to the end of different things to try so any help or pointers in the right direction would be really appreciated.

  Skyver 16:30 23 Jan 2006

It may sound a little odd, but make absolutely sure your ADSL log-in information is correct, ie user name and password - check for lower and upper case differences for example. The filesystem on the PC will have no direct effect on what sites you can or cannot access. Are you using a firewall on the host machine? Can you `ping` the problem addresses from a command prompt on the client and the host machines (startmenu/run/type `cmd`, type `ping` for example (replace - with . of course))? If you get lost packets, do the same again only this time use the number that will be displayed when Ping was run - in Asda's case. Eg Ping Then try the same addresses using the `tracert` command - post back any unsuccessful result(s).

  Skyver 16:33 23 Jan 2006

Sorry, forget `ping` for Asda or Tesco, they won't respond - just use Tracert - you should see a few names matching your ISP amongst the blurb returned by the command - if you don't even get that far the problem is at your end and not a log-in/ISP issue.

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