Limited or no connectivity virgin cable broadband

  somersetsponger 16:28 22 Oct 2007

Please help, I'm completely stuck and have no internet access at home.

I've had virgin media broadband set up for about two weeks now. Last thursday it stopped working and the lan connection states 'limited or no connectivity' I've tried just about everything I can find from these forums plus the obvious 'turn off the modem, disconnect, reconnect'. I've also tried

'netsh winsock reset catalog' Which I read might help. Ive tried manually setting my ip address but I'm not sure if its correct, I put it back to automatic detection and the ip states

Physical Address: 00-11-2F-A5-64-50
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
WINS Server:

I've set it to and others. I only have one pc on windows XP and its connected directly to the modem (ethernet) thinks its ntl255
Ive also run adaware to check for any viruses and was all clean.
Any ideas guys I'm really stuck and need to be back online for my course. Any help would be amazing.


  ambra4 01:07 23 Oct 2007

Check your setting again as

The DNS server address should be the same as the Default Gateway

  mgmcc 11:30 23 Oct 2007

If you are connecting the computer directly to the Cable Modem (i.e. no Router), the PC's network adapter *MUST* get the IP address that is allocated by the ISP. You *CANNOT* configure it manually.

A "169.254.x.x" address is an APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing) allocated by Windows because it has been unable to access a DHCP server (the ISP) to get the proper address. 192.168.x.x addresses are Local Area Network addresses which would be allocated by a Router.

Try powering everything off, including the Cable Modem which should be left without power for three or four minutes. Ensure the PC's network adapter is connected properly to the Cable Modem by ethernet cable. Power on the Modem and when fully booted with all lights displayed, boot the PC. Check if it then has a proper IP address allocted by the ISP.

  somersetsponger 14:44 23 Oct 2007

Thanks I tried setting the DNS server to the same as the default gateway ( and I still cant load a webpage.

I set it back to automatically detect an ip address it shows the same as stated above. I've turned the modem off and all that, left it for ages, turned back on and still no joy. Aghhh

  mgmcc 20:08 23 Oct 2007

If you have an IP or Default Gateway address starting with "169.254" then there is *DEFINITELY* something wrong and you will not get online.

Try repairing the TCP/IP stack by typing this command in a Command Prompt window...

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

...and pressing Enter..

(note the spaces in the command line). The original prompt will reappear, exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC.

Also check that the DHCP Client service is running. Go to "Start > Run", type SERVICES.MSC and click OK. Scroll down t the "DHCP Client" service and double click it to open its Properties. Check that the service is running and that its Startup Type is "Automatic".

If that's OK, in the Network Connections folder, right click the Local Area Connection and select "Repair", which might help.

  somersetsponger 23:03 23 Oct 2007

Sorted thanks for all the help, back online with new ip address.

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
seemed to do the trick

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