Limited or No Connectivity

  studavidson 17:03 29 Jun 2010

I have a BT router which I connect to wirelessly from my pc and 2 laptops. I can get online with the laptops but not with the pc.

I use a usb dongle to connect to the router and I'm getting a "limited or no connectivity" warning in my taskbar.

I have run ipconfig/all and the autoconfiguration IP is:

i then did ipconfig/release and then renew. However the problem is that although i'm connected, i get the message that no operation can be performed on LAN while it has its media disconnected. unable to contact your dhcp server.

Any help would be appreciated

  mgmcc 22:29 29 Jun 2010

The PC's wireless adapter hasn't connected properly to the router to get its IP address and Windows has defaulted to allocating a "169.254" APIPA address.

It is possible that the router is using a type of encryption (WEP/WPA/WPA2) with which the adapter is not compatible, so it won't connect.

  STREETWORK 21:18 02 Jul 2010

Tyry unplugging the router from the mains power for 10 secs and then replug to power up and see it this works. If it does not work reboot computer and see if this fixes it.

Other problems could be faulty filters or any phone extension cables being used...

  rdave13 20:21 03 Jul 2010

I'd go for uninstalling the the dongle, rebooting and re-installing it again. Could be a register corruption. After uninstalling try running Ccleaner's reg cleaner first and then reboot and re-install.

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