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Limited or no connectivity

  Tycho 16:51 05 Mar 2009

When I forst start up my XP computer which is fitted with a USB wireless adapter it often reports that there is limited or no connectivity. I then have to click on the repair button and after it has done its thing all is well until I next start the computer.

Why does it have this iritating habit and what can I do to cure it?


  The Kestrel 18:52 05 Mar 2009

Which operating system do you have? If it is Vista there are known problems with some makes of USB wireless adapters and connectivity. My wife recently acquired a new PC with Vista. Her old Netgear USB wireless adapter constantly had similar problems to yours. In the end I bought a new USB Vista compatible adapter from Amazon market place for a few quid and now all is well.

  Tycho 11:46 06 Mar 2009

Thanks for the suggestions. I have now tried the Winsock XP fix but there is no change in the behaviour of the system.


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