'Limited or No Connectivity

  Edward-207256 15:29 30 Jun 2006

My laptop was running slow, so i decided to have a total reinstall of windows xp professional. I wasn't familiar with the process, so i sent it to a family friend who is a bit of an expert. A few days later the laptop returned, and all was in working order. Then, i tried to connect to my wireless network at my house. I input the WEP code after the network had been detected, and it connected, but was saying 'Limited or No Connectivity'. I have a belkin wireless router, but i have a feeling that the router isn't the problem.

I double clicked the message and a box popped up, and a button said 'Repair'. I tried to repair the connection, and it was going through the various stages, and it came to 'Renewing your I.P. address.' It struggled with this for a while, and then failed, giving the message:

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: Renewing your I.P. address.
For assistance, contact the person who manages your network.

Well, i contacted my dad, and the internet was working fine on his desktop, and the internet was fine on my sister's laptop.

So, i turn to PC Advisor, as a last resort. Have any of you encountered this problem? If so, is there an easy solution? Please reply soon,

Thanks in Advance,


  ade.h 17:10 30 Jun 2006

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