Limited or no connectivity?

  panhandle 11:53 18 Dec 2005

Yesterday I successfully [?] set up my new laptop networking with the desktop via ethernet cable. I was successfully getting internet connection & sending e.mail on the laptop.

With the help of mgmcc in this forum I installed a brilliant programme "allway sync" to sychronise folders on the 2 machines.Thast is installed on the host/desktop only.

Noew I must have done something daft whilst messing around because the LAN is showing "100.0 Mbps Limited or no Connectivity" on the laptop; on the host it is fine [1394 connection 400.0Mbps connected. The LAN & bridge are showing OK in 'Network Connections'

So - I cannot get internet connection from the laptop, I have checked all combinations of settings in Tools/Options/Connections.

Currently they are: 1] Dialup & VPN > never dial a connection 2] LAN settings > automatically detect & no check for proxy server.

I have tried 'support/repair' and am told "unable to assign IP address"

Any ideas welcomed! Thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 13:36 18 Dec 2005

<<< the LAN is showing "100.0 Mbps Limited or no Connectivity" >>>

100Mbps is the normal speed for a wired network connection. "Limited or No Connectivity" normally indicates that the network adapter is set to get its IP address automatically, but has been unable to find the DHCP server from which to get it.

I don't know how you have them networked, but if you are using "Internet Connection Sharing" this will automatically configure the Host PC's network adapter with the fixed IP address; the Client PC then gets its address from the Host PC which acts as a DHCP server when ICS has been enabled.

The "1394" adapter is a Firewire connection and has nothing to do with your LAN. If this and the Local Area Connection are bridged, right click the Local Area Connection and select "Remove from Bridge". You can do the same with the 1394 connection and then delete the bridge as it is serving no useful purpose. (This is reversible by highlighting both connections, right clicking and selecting Bridge Connections).

With Internet Connection Sharing, the Client should also have an IP address in the range. If it doesn't (and with Limited Connectivity it may have a 169.254.x.x address) try double clicking the Local Area Connection, select the Support tab and click the repair button. This should force the adapter to renew its IP address. If that doesn't work, there may be a firewall problem preventing the two computers from communicating.

If you are not using Internet Connection Sharing and have been using fixed IP addresses entered manually, one of the computers has lost its settings and reverted to getting automatic addresses.

  panhandle 13:58 18 Dec 2005

I was actually going through another posting in this forum, and in the process of checking the IPM addresses as recommended in your response.

Host is OK [and I have removed the bridge for tidiness, thanks!]. Client is 169.254 - even AFTER ipconfig/release & ipconfig/renew.

I have no other firewall than XP's built in, switched for automatic updates.

Not sure where to go from here, but have to leave for 1 - 2 hours, grandson duty swimming, shall return later.


  panhandle 17:47 18 Dec 2005

Well, went back to basics and set up network cnnections from scratch on both computers and now it is OK.
Now I can try for wireless............

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