'limited or no connectivitity' and crap cleaner

  mco 08:11 12 Sep 2005

Got this message on one of the pc's - the others on the home network still work fine so I know it's not the modem or external connection; it's just that particular pc. The only thing I did differently was run crap cleaner. Surely there's no way that could have deleted something important I need could it? When I try to 'repair connection' it says it can't renew IP address.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:29 12 Sep 2005

Can you remove the connection, reboot the pc, and then tell it to search for any wireless connections in range?

That may find it.

I don't think that CrapCleaner is to blame - I use it at times and it has not interfered with the wireless connectivity.

  mco 08:48 12 Sep 2005

its' broadband through a cable (the others are wireless; this one's the mainstation)

  Diodorus Siculus 08:53 12 Sep 2005

Strange then that you get the "limited or no connectivity" problem then.

Anyway, try to remove it and reboot the router as well.

  gudgulf 10:10 12 Sep 2005

Are you using AOL broadband on the affected pc?.

  mco 12:59 12 Sep 2005

...with homenetwork router (with wireless card in it for rest of network, which is fine) Are you saying that message doesn't come up unless you're on wireless?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:57 12 Sep 2005

I'm not saying that you only get the message on wireless; only that it is more frequent. Maybe a posting in the netwrok forum, with a link to this thread, will get some more results.

  keith-236785 14:18 12 Sep 2005

could you try a new patch cable from the router to your main pc, as this is the only one wired and the only one with a problem, it seems the obvious thing to check, the other thing is the LAN card settings of the main pc, it might be possible that crap cleaner has deleted some settings (unlikely but you never know).

as the other pc's work ok, can you check the router settings from there?

might just be the router firewall blocking your wired pc due to a change in settings (crap cleaner again)...

good luck

  mco 18:58 12 Sep 2005

new cable! Didn't think such things 'broke' but it's fixed now!

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