Limited Connectivity - Vista wired to BT Home Hub

  Cassano99 14:47 22 Mar 2010

Please help?
My Windows Vista desktop PC has been happily working through an ethernet cable with a BT Homehub 2 for the past year with no problems whatsoever but on Friday it decided to say I had limited connectivity and prevent me from going on the web. I tried a variety of things -

1. Thinking it was something to do with software I downloaded and ran (Auslogics defragger and registry cleaner) on Thursday night I did a system restore to the previous Saturday. That didn't work.

2. I reset my homehub, switched it off and on again and even reset to default. That didn't work.

3. BT broadband desktop help program and re-installation was no good either.

4. Connected my Windows CE CnMbook to the hub and the internet worked on it.

I am coming to the conclusion that it is something my computer is doing that is preventing it from connecting to the internet and saying it's limited connectivity due to being an unidentified network.

Have printed off a section from a tech support website about Vista issues that suggests:

TCP/IP stack repair
Disabling IP Helper
Disabling IPv6
Disabling DHCP Broadcast Flag

as solutions.

Not sure whether these are the right moves to rectify the problem and would be keen to here from anyone who might know a solution. Any thoughts please?

  beynac 14:59 22 Mar 2010

It could be an issue with your firewall. What are you using? Has the firewall program been updated recently?

  northumbria61 15:06 22 Mar 2010

Hi - after checking your Firewall as suggested by beynac the following may offer you a solution. As suggested, make sure you "create a restore point" before proceeding.

click here

  Cassano99 15:20 22 Mar 2010

Cheers guys, will try your suggestions out when I get home and will let you know if I succeed. Thanks again.

  Cassano99 19:36 22 Mar 2010

Doesn't appear to be an issue with the firewall and tried all the options i'd outlined and you guys had suggested. Have swapped hubs over and tried different connectors so definetly something up with the computer. both hubs working with my netbook, so got to be computer but don't know what. Any further suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  northumbria61 23:21 22 Mar 2010

Further - this may help.

click here

  Cassano99 20:29 23 Mar 2010

Still having no luck, seems ridiculous that i've got a windows ce 5.0 netbook attached up to the hub via ethernet and am happily browsing away on the web with it and typing this here when there's a windows vista pc with 10 times the ram in the corner that's telling me it's an unidentified network with limited connectivity. It can't be the hub, it's not the cables, it's not the firewall, i seem to have tried evrything with regard to my original post and the ones the guys have posted above. Anybody out there had this problem and knows a fix please come to my rescue.

  T0SH 21:07 23 Mar 2010

If you hover your mouse pointer over the connected icon down by the clock does it say Local and Internet ? or just Local ?

If it says Local only then most probably thinks that your home hub wireless network is clasified as a public network instead of a private home network

The best way I know to fix this is to delete your current connection then re-create it but step through carefully as you will get an option screen to clasify it

Other wise you need to check that the home hubs dhcp sever is allocating your PC a valid IP Address in the range with the default gateway set to

If you are not getting an valid IP in this range do check in Internet Properties on the Connections tab then click the Lan settings button and make sure there is nothing set in the Proxy server settings if there is clear it reboot and try to connect again

lastly there are command lines to flush the dns cache and perform a winsock reset, A Google search will easily find then for you

Cheers HC

  Newuser939 14:15 24 Mar 2010

Are you sure that it is not the ethernet card that is faulty?

  Cassano99 08:26 25 Mar 2010

Cheers guys, nothing seems to have worked. Going to see whether PC World can do ought with it and if not I'll upgrade to Windows 7 on a new laptop.

  T0SH 16:48 25 Mar 2010

You can manually set your PC to use a static IP address like with a sub net mask of use as the default gateway and as the dns sever

The how to is explained with pictures here

click here

Worth a try before you throw money at it

Cheers HC

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