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  tingle 11:05 05 Aug 2003

My father-in-law has a Patriot PC (a defunct Dixon's brand I think) running W98se. At some point, a while back, he told me that he couldn't view pictures properly on the internet. I checked it out recently, and for some reason his display settings cannot be set above 16 colours (when you restart, you get an error message concerning the adaptor (integrated SiS graphics card?) and the settings haven't changed.

I've obtained the drivers for the SiS adaptor, which I plan to reinstall for him. My concern is that apparently many manufacturers tweak the adaptor such that SiS's own drivers may not be appropriate. The problem is Patriot doesn't exist anymore so I can't go to them. If the drivers don't work, I guess I can restore the old drivers? Is this true?

If reinstalling drivers doesn't work, what would be the best/cheapest way of resolving this??

  Q-Bie 11:11 05 Aug 2003

Patriot DO still exist, at the front of my PCW store we have a patriot pc on display.

Find out the model number of the PC you have and pop to your local PCW store, they'll be able to check the PC Service intranet site and give you more details on the spec of the machine.

The only other solution is to try using the Patriot recovery media (should be a single disc) to restore Win98 on the PC to its original configuration.

  tingle 11:20 05 Aug 2003

Thanks Q-Bie

  steve12345 20:33 05 Aug 2003

I have had this problem before as well.

You may want to check the which MONITOR is selected in display-properties.

If w98se thinks your monitor can't handle the higher graphics settings, it won't let you set them.

After selecting the correct monitor (or the closest one you can find) you will have to reboot the PC to get it working.

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