limit internet speed with a switch......possible?

  hotbig 03:33 14 Jan 2010

i am trying to buy a switch that i can ajust internet speed for each computer---4 computers.

something like this:
com 1 ----2meg max.
com 2 ----half meg max.
com 3 ----3 meg max.
com 4 ----1 meg max.

now i am using orange livebox for all the connection but i want to stop using wireless (baby in house). also i use the livebox internet phone too (free of charge).

any idea which switch/router suite my need?

  Jollyjohn 08:20 16 Jan 2010

Not really sure what you are trying to achieve. Why do you want to limit speed to each computer?

  ame 23:35 16 Jan 2010

Do you want to give preference to gaming/ streaming content on certain pc's as opposed to plain web surfing? Not sure this would actually make much difference, and never heard of such a device.

  Tech Guy 15:36 17 Jan 2010

This cannot be done with a switch.

I don't know any home routers to do this either.

This could be done by making a router yourself with an old PC and a Linux distro - click here

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