Limit on bulk emails?

  ITBuffoon 00:18 15 Oct 2009

I'm going to send a bulk email to customers.

Is there a recommended limit to the number of people you should send an email to avoid the server putting it into spam at the recipient's end?


  OTT_Buzzard 00:36 15 Oct 2009

It's not an issue with the server per se.
It's more to do with how the recipients mail servers handle your incoming mail.

Make sure that your mail mail servers MX address's correctly set-up. If you can then registering with goodmail (click here) can help.

Other than that, using a dedicated IP address that couldn't have previously used for spamming helps.

And finally, at least from me, your recipients not clicking junk' or 'spam' when they receive your emails will ensure continued success.

  Forum Editor 00:41 15 Oct 2009

doesn't depend on the number sent, servers run spam-detecting software that looks at the subject line, and the content.

Your ISP may operate a bulk-mail policy that prevents anyone sending very large mail-outs across its SMTP server. In that case your mail will be bounced.

By law you may only send unsolicited marketing emails to people who have previously bought goods or services from you, and you must have previously offered those people an easily-accessed means of saying that they do not wish to receive unsolicited messages.

  ITBuffoon 00:46 15 Oct 2009

thanks very much for such an in-depth reply!

  Taff™ 00:49 15 Oct 2009

Phone you ISP and ask them specifically. I regularly send out up to 350 e-mails to a Society Membership either by individual personalised e-mails (Mail merged e-mails via Outlook - not OE) or distribution groups of no more than 25/30 at a time. If I exceed these numbers within 5 or 6 minutes of each batch of e-mails I end up on a Spammers list with my ISP and I can basically forget repeating the exercise for at least a couple of weeks.

I also have to switch off Avast whilst I`m doing it - the built in protection triggers as if it was a virus spamming anyone in my address book.

Sadly I don`t have that many customers but the same principles apply so I suggest you initially ask the question and ask the ISP to confirm their response by e-mail or reference to the information on their website. By the way, as soon as you declare this is a commercial venture they will try to sell you a "Commercial/Business Package" without the restrictions - the choice is yours!

  Taff™ 01:04 15 Oct 2009

Must type faster - FE`s comments I concur with however there are threads on this forum that suggest bulk e-mails are blocked by certain providers over their notional limits which they set. (Hope I can find the links when I`m asked!)

The last paragraph of FE`s post is very relevant. Don`t even try to send e-mails to anyone who isn`t already a customer or expressed an interest in your services. If someone complains to their own ISP about your e-mails, or a number of people report your emails as Spam you will be blocked by a few ISP`s for weeks.

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