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  daz999 11:36 04 Jan 2005

Hello I need a little advice I have just taken the plunge and subscribed to one of Nildrams adsl services which i am over the moon with anyway I would like some help with file sharing software.

At the moment I have been told that Limewire are very good with this can anybody tell Me which package/software company I should go for I would use this type of software mainly for downloading music.

Regards Daz999

ps Happy new year to You all

  mark2 12:13 04 Jan 2005

Many of the p2p filesharing programs come with the added extras of system wrecking/strangling spyware, adware and the possibility of getting many viruses.

limewire, kazaa, bearshare all are spyware ridden.

Winmx (google for it) doesn't have any known adware or spyware but you still take the chance of virus and trojan infections.

And also there is the copyright aspect to be aware with downloading/sharing music

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:43 11 Feb 2005

Afraid your wrong Winmx is one of the worst you can get,the most afdware free is limewire.

but remember to not download copywritten material

i mostly use it for linux as the downloads are ultra fast.

  Gaz 25 21:49 11 Feb 2005

Almost all p2p software has spyware, and every p2p one has viruses within the network.

P2P takes a network of everybodys PC - and shares data peer to peer. You can't expect everyone to have a virus free computer, and if they have a virus all there shares, without you or them knowing may be infected.

There is even reports of MP3's that actually play but are scripted to do damaging tasks while played.

Personally, I wouldn't risk P2P software, limewire or otherwise because they all contain hidden nastys. Also, some of these sharing systems also share your My Documents or My shared documents and this can be a privacy risk for yourself.

It's your choice, but thats the problem with P2P I'm afraid.

You need to be looking at Itunes, or napster for legal music downloads - yes these cost a small free, but you are assured virus free, quality music downloads.


  HappySoul 00:51 12 Feb 2005

click here re WinMX.

  Mango Grummit 04:21 12 Feb 2005

"Afraid your wrong Winmx is one of the worst you can get,the most afdware free is limewire"

Where do you get that idea Ben? By the very nature of how the concept works you are least likely to pick up virii from WinMX than most other file sharing systems since you are sharing direct with other home computers and not via a central server. Many, many people have used WinMX for a very long time without a single problem. Not me of course!!

  ianeon 05:33 12 Feb 2005

I have been using WINMX for over 12 months - no problems - very good programme - no spy/adware.

  harps1h 07:56 12 Feb 2005

defeats the point of the argument really. you shouldnt be downloading copyright issue anyway

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:39 12 Feb 2005

i have used limewire for over 12 months

it has no adware/spyware.

My freind installed WinMX and he found lots of adware on it,so he removed it and then installed bearshare!.lol.

I can download a linux distro in about a few hours,when i tied to download linux Xandros circulation edition it took for ages with btorrent.

  HappySoul 17:06 12 Feb 2005

Spyware? Not according to a Cnet review. Review of WinMX

Beauty is only skin-deep, as WinMX proves. This P2P client helps you to share, find, and download files from WinMX or other OpenNap protocol networks. The awkward interface is littered with buttons, but it enables even a novice to share files on P2P networks by scanning your drives for media files. You can easily find files by keywords, bitrate, and connection. You can even join chat channels. To save money, the application displays the time you've spent online and limits incoming/outgoing traffic.

As a spyware-free and fully functional file-sharing client, WinMX wins fans among beginners and P2P veterans.

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