helpingf 14:29 21 Nov 2008

can anyone help i have limewire free download 4-18-8 have had it for ages and now it do not work why is that are they stop it?

  Salut 15:03 21 Nov 2008

My son who uses various file sharers sggests you delete it. He stopped using Limewire sometime ago because of unreliability issues and virus content.

He suggests using click here to find an alternative that suits your needs.

  skidzy 15:35 21 Nov 2008

Can you explain what Limewire is being used for ?

Your answer will have an affect on the response to this thread.

We are limited (forum rules) to the help we can give on this subject.

Salut has given you your answer really :-)

  helpingf 18:46 21 Nov 2008

download music

  donki 18:53 21 Nov 2008

Copyrighted music?? If so you aren't gpoing to get a great responce on here.

  skidzy 18:54 21 Nov 2008

Then you are (i suspect) file sharing illegally and will be in breach of copyright regulations.

I do not mean to be unhelpful,but this will be against forum rules and i would suggest you look elsewhere for your help.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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