asdachick 16:10 27 Oct 2007

Anybody using Limewire i was sent a link for it then i heard it has lots of viruses,so am just after a safe place to download music from

  AubreyS 16:37 27 Oct 2007

I would not trust Limewire as far as I could throw it. Any software/music/films from Limewire is not legal and is a potential source of viruse's KEEP WELL AWAY!

  Devil Fish 16:37 27 Oct 2007

unless you purchase from a legitimate download site such as Itunes etc for copyright music

their is no such thing as a safe download site you are in the lap of the gods

however if it is royalty free music you are looking for you will find a few sites here click here

  sidecar sid 16:43 27 Oct 2007

All perfectly legal and reasonably priced.
click here

  DieSse 17:09 27 Oct 2007

Limewire is not a download site.

Limewire is a P2P system which puts users systems in touch with each other to share files.

Limewire is not illegal.

Many things which users offer to share from their computers they may well be illegally offered (ie against copyright restrictions).

Some things users share may be copyright expired or even copyright free, and therefore in the public domain. This won't normally apply to post-war (approximately) music, films, or software.

There may be some virus and malware infected files offered to share by some users. Personally I've never had any infected files.

To avoid DRM protected files (which will restrict what you can do with your downloads) put ... drm free music sites ... into a google search and have a look around.

  crosstrainer 17:25 27 Oct 2007

Had to re-install operating systems on many a students pc because he / she regularly used Limewire (and other peer to peer download sites) My advice is barge pole and do not touch with!

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