conrail 11:06 22 May 2007

son is using limewire with xp home for downloading music, 1st forgive my ignorance, I know nothing about limewire, I gather it is a filesharing program, I have done a web search and this site search but still unsure, sons problem is when he clicks download nothing happens, my questions are:
1) is it legal?
2) is it safe? and asuming 1 + 2 ok
3) what will be stopping the downloads?
he said it has just happened and he has redownloaded limewire

  ianeon 11:15 22 May 2007

Limewire will put spyware on your computer everytime it is used - so make sure you run your anti-spyware programmes afterwards.
"Is it safe" - don't download any ".exe" files as they inevitably contain viruses.
"Legal" - Thats a grey area.
Don't know about whats stopping your downloads, you don't give enough information.

  Miros 11:16 22 May 2007

It's illegal to download copies of copyrighted music. The stopped downloads may be a result of your/his firewall.Is it safe? that's a good question and a chance you/he will have to take.

  rodriguez 11:18 22 May 2007

1. Legal if you don't download copyrighted material, illegal if you do (most of the music your son downloads will be copyrighted anyway if it's chart stuff)

2. Not if you don't know what to look for - a lot of files on these networks are fakes. You can get viruses disguised as music tracks and programs, so if your son isn't up on this then anything could get downloaded.

3. Probably a firewall issue. Sometimes these programs need you to port forward your router. click here.

  conrail 14:08 22 May 2007

thanks guys, he is a teenager in a rock group and (the drummer) he downloads music to play along to when rehearsing, all I know about the problem is that when he clicks download nothing happens, had wireless networking for over a year and it has just started to happen, don't want to change any router settings so he will just have to make do with what he's got or pay for one of the other options, anyway thanks again for all your help

  wee eddie 14:15 22 May 2007

Updated the Router Firmware, installed a new AV. Any other changes

  conrail 14:21 22 May 2007

nothing changed as far as I know, I run the updates on AVG, A2squared, adaware and spybot once a week while he is at college, apart from that it is his pc, he is 18 so should know what he is doing ?????

  keef66 14:35 22 May 2007

you sound like you're in the same boat as me; I have 2 teenagers who continue to use P2P progs like Limewire, Bearshare etc despite what I tell them about the risks / legality. I'm now resigned to making regular backups to an external HDD, and frequently scanning with a selection of AV / malware removal programs, with frequently exciting results.

If ever they leave home I'm going to reformat the thing!

I'll ask Junior tonight if he knows of anything that stops Limewire downloading (he should know everything there is to know about it by now!)

  rodriguez 14:44 22 May 2007

keef66, there is a way of stopping these programs downloading. The instructions to do it differ depending on your make and model of router though. But basically you find the port numbers that BearShare, Limewire etc. are using (this can be done by looking in the program's settings) and blocking those ports in your router's firewall. This will then create a problem similar to what conrail's having where it will sit there forever saying "Connecting..." and won't actually connect. However you might have them pestering you about why it's suddenly stopped working, to which you either tell the truth and say you don't want them on it or just say "it broke itself..." :-)

  keef66 15:28 22 May 2007

They are now of an age where telling them not to do something is the quickest way of getting them to try it. Instead I find reasoning, persuasion and occasional blackmail more effective.
If I were to block the port I'd have them messing about with the firewall settings when I'm not about, and I don't want that. My overall goal is a reasonably harmonious household.

  wee eddie 15:34 22 May 2007

I am not sure which port Limewire uses but I have read, somewhere here on the Forum, that it is specific to filesharers and that it can be blocked.

That information is quite close. somewhere in the last week or two.

conrail - Stick "Limewire" or "p2p" in our Search Engine and you should find it. Ignore the derogatory remarks, as it is one of the Topics that is frowned upon. Not in the case of a Parent trying to sort out the mess but because of the illegal download thingy.

The best of luck to you - eddie

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