[DELETED] 14:39 22 Jun 2006

i am just about to download limewire onto my laptop, before i do what do you guys think about it? is there a better or easier one to use? will it fill me up with viruses again?

  johndrew 14:59 22 Jun 2006

Any P2P can provide you with `interesting` extras that will make your life a misery. Depends where you go and how you protect yourself.

My suggestion is to consider if the risk is worth it and if you answer `yes` don`t cry if it gets painful!!!!

  [DELETED] 15:07 22 Jun 2006


It is absolutely choc-a-block full of spyware and adware which can degrade your PC Performance.

My personal recommendation is to use e-mule!! as it uses limewire and e-donkey networks it won't give you the viruses and other nuisance crap!!!


  [DELETED] 15:08 22 Jun 2006

I used a program called Gluz - exactly the same as Limewire but it was a different colour scheme and had a different logo. Only thing it installed was the QuickSearch toolbar, but i don't know if the Limewire version will install that. I got round it by deleting the toolbar install file before it got chance to install it - on the box where it asked if i wanted it, you press "No" and it installs anyway. So when that box comes up, just delete the toolbar installer file and it won't install it. A lot of newer files on P2P networks now are fake anyway and end up being blank files when you get them. I don't use Gluz much now I use a torrent program like BitLord which works much better.

  [DELETED] 17:22 22 Jun 2006

I have limewire on my pc with no ill affects but the main problem is that some of the files on the limewire network are viruses so its best check what you download most of the viruses are in EXE files or ZIP files so be carefull with what you download.

Remember also that it is ILLEGAL to download copyrighted material.

But if you want a good peer to peer program use limewire and make sure you download it from here.

click here

Some sites that say they have limewire on are FAKE and will fill up your pc with allsorts.

But as i said the program limewire isnt full of junk and viruses if downloaded from the correct site.

The viruses come from some of the downloads.

  Forum Editor 19:37 22 Jun 2006

via P2P servers without paying for them is illegal, and we don't provide help or support for it in our forum.

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