Jak_1 21:32 17 Feb 2005

I've just had to do a windows restore in XP-Home, having done it Limewire refuses to open. I then did an uninstall using the programs uninstall utillity and then did a re-boot. I then re-installed from the Limewire web site but the program still refuses to function.

Any idea's anyone?

  dogbreath1 22:09 17 Feb 2005

I suspect that you are asking an awkward question! Not so much the technicality of the issue but more related to ethics. On many sites such as this, members are touchy about assisting the users of p2p filesharing applications. If you don't get any help here (and there's some very capable guys on this forum), I suggest that you visit click here where specialist advice on p2p issues is freely available.

  Terry Brown 08:09 18 Feb 2005

Using limewire is like going into a store, seeing something you like and walking out without paying, however I suggest you check your firewall settings.

  Yoda Knight 08:14 18 Feb 2005

Quick solution - Switch to an alternative p2p programme

  Jak_1 16:27 18 Feb 2005

Thanks for your responses. On the ethics side, I do not think it is wrong to gather what I already have on vinyl, that which I have already paid for. Some albums I have been able to replace with a bought cd however much of my vinyl is now unavailable and p2p is the only method open to me to obtain digital copies of individual tracks as I no longer have a record player capable of playing nor linking up to the pc to transfer tracks.

I don't see why I should pay twice for the priviledge of listing to a music track!

  dogbreath1 19:01 18 Feb 2005

Jak_1. I'm not casting aspersions! For the record, I also use Limewire. It's just that I've followed Limewire threads on many tech. forums over the years and they are usually not well received. I also don't have any qualms about my file sharing habit. I've got 1500 legitimate cds, so as far as I'm concerned I've adequately supported the music industry.

  Jak_1 20:21 18 Feb 2005

Thanks dogbreath1, no problem. Thanks for your input, appreciated.

  Jak_1 20:01 20 Feb 2005

Sorted, the prob was corrupted SunJava runtime platform. Works a treat now I have re-installed it

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