lime wire

  Del 13:29 26 Jan 2006

Downloaded and installed lime wire to Windows XP running PC.

It now comes up with an error saying that there is a missing or corrupt file needed and advises to download and re-install.

However computer is freezing all the time so I can't get onto the net. (i'm on works pc now)

Any one else had similar probs?


  rmcqua 13:42 26 Jan 2006

Beware P2P applications like LimeWire. All sorts of nasties can happen. I suggest you try a good A/V and anti-spyware scan before you do anything else.

  Damn Machine 14:09 26 Jan 2006

Have you uninstalled the corrupted version of Limewire? If so and you still have the problem you could try System Restore, if the problem still continues post a messge and I can email you a claen non-corrupt Lime installation - download it at work and take home.

  Del 17:06 26 Jan 2006


Uninstalled the Limewire by using add/remove programs however it's still trying to run and bringing up the message about a missing or corrupt file necessary for Limewire.

When I go back to add/remove programs it has been removed!?

I will try system restore.

Anymore ideas?

  rsinbad 17:10 26 Jan 2006
  Damn Machine 17:12 26 Jan 2006

Have you re-booted since removing Limewire?

  Del 17:35 26 Jan 2006

Yip, rebooted the machine.

Still the same. (I'm still doing this from work pc)

After reading other posts from previous queries on Limewire I intend getting anti-virus software on it. Too late I know!

  Damn Machine 18:12 26 Jan 2006

I've never had any problems with it - it seems a strange concept that any company would put a free product out that would alienate people and prevent them from purchasing the full version. I can't belive any company that operated in this would continue.

Do you want a clean and complete version of Limewire emailed to you?

No clear on this, but are you saying that you haven't had an Av on your machine (and presumably only the Windows firewall)?

  wilco33 18:27 26 Jan 2006

I've bben using Limewire for some time with no problems.I have Avast AV,Sygate firewall & Ad-Aware plus Adwatch.I'm not a techy but could it be related to your firewall ?

  squillary 21:04 26 Jan 2006

I had to uninstall Limewire the other day. It left a stub in the root of C:\ and quite a few files in a Limewire directory in the Program Files folder.

Like most programs, it's very detailed about installing itself, but very slovenly about how it clears up after itself.

  mammak 21:58 26 Jan 2006

Lol to the top.

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