Likely fault suggestions please

  Billp64 15:48 13 Jun 2005

I have a Dell Pc that is just out of warranty, running fine switched off at night when turning back on in the morning nothing, no lights on the tower at all. I am guessing it must be the power supply unit and have ordered one at a really expensive cost from Dell. Any other suggestions just in case please.
This is the first machine I have had fail to start in many years of computing that is completely dead. Opening the case when I plug it in I can see a small green light comes on the motherboard, but pressing the on switch nothing happens at all.
Thanks in advance for any help.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 15:53 13 Jun 2005

fuse in the power lead plug?

  wobblymike 16:11 13 Jun 2005

I'll assume you have confirmed that your power lead is delivering wigglyamps to the tower and if its totally dead than it does sound like the PS, however it might just be worth unplugging the power connectors for the hard drive(S) and cd drive(s) from the mobo and trying again - check and see if the fan spins up on the PS. If you come to the conclusion that it is the PS they are very cheaply purchased on e bay - you don't need a dell specific PS - go for a 300W or better unit.

  phono 16:42 13 Jun 2005

They may well have changed recently but at one time Dell PCs used a non-standard PSU, they looked exactly the same as a standard ATX unit but had an extra mobo connection and the 20 pin connector was also wired differently.

I bought an adaptor that enabled me to use a standard ATX PSU from this company in the USA click here it was posted to me and arrived in less than a week, highly recommended if required.

  Billp64 17:15 13 Jun 2005

Have checked again and the fans are not moving so my thoughts of power supply look to be the cause, also as it was all ok the day before I just think it has died. Dell do use their own components so yes its catch 22, save on buying machine but not so good if certain components go wrong. thank you all for your suggestions and help.

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