Lightscribe, is there any colour printing?

  Migwell 17:15 14 Jun 2010

I have a new computer which has a Lightscribe DVD burner in it. On the internet I seem to find that they talk about colour as being the colour of the disks, and wondered if you can put a copy of a colour photo on the disk in full colour. I would love to be able to colour print with Lightscribe on a disk as a presentation of a Wedding Package etc.

My printer an HP Photosmart 7360 has not got the disk printing built in to it and I don't like sticky lables on DVDs as they seem to effect the ballance of disks in the players, and sometimes come off or start lifting at the edge.

  BT 17:40 14 Jun 2010


  jack 17:46 14 Jun 2010

But I retained the software.
So now I prepare the appropriate label save to a 'stick and take it and the disk to a chum that has a disk printing machine.
Could this be you?

  Migwell 17:56 14 Jun 2010

I once bought Microsoft Office from ebay thinking that it was going to be genuine as I was lead to believe. When it arrived it turned out to be a piroted copy but it looked just like the real thing as far as printing was concerned. How could they have done that? it was only the lack of hologram that gave it away as far as looks were concerned. After that the other give away was that there was no code needed to continue with instalation.

When I started to investigate the purchase, Ebay reported that the supplyer was no longer on their list of Ebayers.

Needless to say I lost out but it was not a lot of money. The old saying is true: If it looks to good to be true, then it usualy is.

  lotvic 18:33 14 Jun 2010

I've lost the plot

  Technotiger 18:38 14 Jun 2010

Colour printing on Lightscribe ... No! But one can get different coloured Lightscribe discs.

  bumpkin 18:40 14 Jun 2010

Not surprised lotvic.

  Migwell 00:28 15 Jun 2010

The plot was, that at the time the printing I had thought might have been done on Lightscribe as it looked so much part of the disk. Now I know that it is only black on coloured disks it must have been done by a different method.

What other methods are there to print onto disks apart from Lightscribe and CD printing on bubble jet printers?

Further thought, if one prints via a bubble jet straight onto a DVD or CD as in the case of some Epson ETC.printers. How do you make the ink water proof, as bubble jet printing photographs if they get even slightly wet the ink will run and spoil them?

As you can tell I am on a learning curve about this sort of thing.

  Migwell 00:33 15 Jun 2010

Hi Jack, sorry I did not quite take this in at first. You say a disk printing machine could you expand on this as this sounds a bit more what I am after.

  KremmenUK 06:57 15 Jun 2010

My Canon ip4000 prints on printable CDR media perfectly.

Far far better than labels.

  Technotiger 07:11 15 Jun 2010

Most decent Epson Inkjet Printers will print in Colour direct to DVD/CD's, results look quite professional. These are NOT bubble-jet printers!

Mine at the moment is the Epson Stylus Photo R360, which does much more than simply printing to DVD/CD's. Of course, one needs the proper Printable discs, which are white on the printable side.

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