Lightscribe problems

  Potterer 10:53 06 Jan 2006

I'm trying use a new HP burner but it continally shows a blue close screen after about 10/15 minutes and aborts the work and wastes the CDs.I have uninstalled and re-installed three times and the wizard says the hardware is OK.Part of the error screen message says DRIVER-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL followed by a seriesof numbers and ends with CDR4_XP,SYS_ADDRESSF7785 365 BASE.Can anyone help me please.

  Biotech 13:53 06 Jan 2006

Which burner software are you using, does it do it when burning the data or the label?

  stephen0205 11:27 07 Jan 2006

disconect it and install the software again and remember to restart the pc then when it restarts plug it back in when u r logged in, it worked for me

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