Lights remote turn on 12 volt

  Smurray06 11:04 09 Mar 2018

Hi I want to turn on a 12volt light 1000 mtrs away what would be the cheapest and easiest way

  Forum Editor 11:39 09 Mar 2018

Assuming that the light already has a power supply, can you not do it with a timer, or are the turn-on times at random intervals?

If that's the case, you need something like this.

  Smurray06 19:31 09 Mar 2018

The light is a 12volt red light at a rifle range .they have red flags at the top of a hill.i thought to replace them with a light and not have to go climbing up hills .any thoughts

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:26 09 Mar 2018

or click here UK band


  Forum Editor 09:53 10 Mar 2018

"they have red flags at the top of a hill.i thought to replace them with a light"

There are very strict regulations governing the use of firing ranges, and you should consult with the range operators before making any alterations to safety procedures - have you done that?

Power to a red light can fail, causing the light to go out - that can't happen with red flags.

  Smurray06 19:16 10 Mar 2018

Yes it's true the power could stop .but then the flag could blow away or the cord could break that's why there is range safety officers

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