Lightroom CC and emailing images

  exdragon 08:14 26 Jan 2017

Hi - I'm trying to email an image from within LR. It should be simple: right click photo, select Email Photo and the next dialogue box shows your email app. Except mine doesn't. It picks up Windows Live Mail (which I don't use any longer) instead of Outlook. I tried adding it in Email Account Manager and the email gets sent, but with the image embedded rather than as an attachment. My other half also has WLM installed but he has no problems - the first time he tried it, Outlook appeared as it should. Outlook is set as the default app in Start>Settings>Default Apps, I don't want to uninstall WLM at the moment but I just can't see why he can do it and I can't. Pigheadedness has taken over. I know I can export to the hard drive and attach from there, but I don't want to be beaten by this!

Ive put the question on the LR and Adobe forums but as yet, no answers, nor can I glean anything from Google. Has anyone any helpful ideas?

  Forum Editor 08:51 26 Jan 2017

"...right click photo, select Email Photo and the next dialogue box shows your email app."

Right click and select 'export' - does that work?

Which version of LightRoom?

I'm sure you've seen this - refers to LightRoom 5

  exdragon 09:02 26 Jan 2017

I tried export to email, but no joy, still embedded but I don't want to be beaten by something which should work! It's LR CC, 2015.8 (same as my other half's). Julieanne Kost was the first person I went to - her tutorials are great, but by adding Outlook, it still doesn't work.

So frustrating and I'm sure it will turn out to be really obvious.

  hssutton 10:35 26 Jan 2017

I have just attempted to email a photo as an attachement, but so far have not found anyway this can be done. Not sure if it's possible. Obviously simple to embed an image. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of decorating so will be this evening before I can spend time on this. A quick browse shows other people complaining about the same problem.

  bretsky 12:10 26 Jan 2017

I know this link refers to a Mac, but it does point to a bug in LR regarding Outlook

click here

  exdragon 16:10 26 Jan 2017

hssutton - yes, it can be done, see this from my post My other half also has WLM installed but he has no problems - the first time he tried it, Outlook appeared as it should. Also, the friend to whom I sent the image initially sent me one back - as an attachment. Neither were aware that it could be done from within LR until I told them, which was slightly ironic!

bretsky - I had a look at that, but as the email gets sent without a problem (apart from the embedding), I can't see what else I can check.

  hssutton 18:05 27 Jan 2017

exdragon I've spent a little time on this problem, but with Gmail not Outlook. I found that I had to lower the security on Gmail then it posted photos as attachements OK. Although a user of Lightroom since it's release Jan 2006 after adobe purchased Pixmantics Rawshooter, I've never used it's emailing system before. Is it a possibility that it's a security issue with Outlook.

  exdragon 20:08 27 Jan 2017

Thank you, but if my partner and another friend can use this method, I can't see what sort of security issue I would have. I have had a suggestion from another forum - leave it for a couple of weeks and look at the problem afresh.

  hssutton 23:33 27 Jan 2017

I've just configured outlook to send and receive from/to gmail. My first attemp to send a photo from Lightroom the attachment was placed in the body of the text. However going to the Trust Center option in Outlook you have the option to turn this off. You will have to search for the Trust Center as in some versions it's under File>> Options. In Outlook 2007 it listed under 'Tools'

  exdragon 09:02 28 Jan 2017

Oh dear, I thought this may have been the solution! I've found Trust Centre but can't find anything which would seem to apply. What did you have in the Attachment Handling? I have Attachment Security Mode - Security Mode Default, Reply With Changes is unticked as is Attachment and Document Preview. In the latter's drop-down list, everything is ticked. I've also cross checked all settings in the Trust Centre with my partner and they're identical.

  hssutton 21:59 28 Jan 2017

I'm using an old version of Outlook v.2007 so it may be a little different to your version. There are seven headings listed. the one to use is the one called 'Attachment Handling' Under Attachment and Document Preview there is the option to turn off the Attachment Preview.

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