Lightroom 4

  daz60 07:05 08 May 2012

Is any one using aforesaid program.?

i am using on trial basis at moment and when i want to edit it says "edit in another application".??

I thought this was an editing suite or is that only available in the full version.

Still considering purchasing though or is Elements better.

  exdragon 08:16 08 May 2012

I've just bought Lightroom 3 (I'm still with XP and 4 won't run on it). I think the option is there to edit in another application, but only if you want to - 4 may well be the same. I've also ditched Photoshop CS and have bought Elements 10. As far as I know, the trial versions are full versions, and if you want to buy, you can purchase a key online, but I found it cheaper to shop around. I got 3 from PC World (online) for £99.

I've certainly edited and printed from LR without going via Elements. It took a bit of time to get my head round that fact that, in LR, you don't edit and then save the file, but so far, I'm really pleased with both programmes.

I looked at Elements several times on Amazon, then had an email from them, offering a lower price, which was handy.

  daz60 08:32 08 May 2012


Many thanks for your reply,i have just returned to LR4 and,having had my grey matter massaged by your comment,discovered that the editing function resides in the 'develop' application.I thought i was missing something,now very pleased because Amazon have this priced around £100,looks good.

  exdragon 08:41 08 May 2012

If you need any online help with LR4, I can thoroughly recommend the tutorials by Julieanne Kost. You can find them at Adobe TV, or just google her. They're excellent.

  daz60 08:47 08 May 2012

Actually, strange you should say that because i have just looked at the minimum requirements for LG4 and they state an Athlon 64 processor,i have an Phenom(tm) 11 (2 not 11) N620 dual core 2.8 ghz in my laptop,sure it is ample but not certain.Do you know if it less or more.??

  exdragon 08:55 08 May 2012

Sorry - you'll need an answer from someone a bit more technologically savvy than me, I'm afraid! Although if the trial runs without any problems, I would have thought you would have been ok. But don't quote me...

I'm sure someone will be along soon. If not, and as you can't 'untick', you could always post again.

Good luck and enjoy whatever you get.

  daz60 09:01 08 May 2012

Thanks anyway...blimey i can untick.

  hssutton 11:15 08 May 2012

As you have already discoverd LR4 is a complete editor and many people use it as such. However it's really a raw converter and as such not worth buying if you only shoot Jpg. To set up a fully fledged Editor such as CS6 do the following Edit>>Preferences>>External Editing.

If you want to batch edit, edit the first image then Select All followed by Sync.

As for running on a low spec M/C I think you will run into problems. I don't have a fast PC. AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.6Ghz.8gig ram on W7 Ultimate 64 bit and it's runs on the slow side, much slower than LR3.

Any specific questions, just ask

  hssutton 11:20 08 May 2012

Have a look here for tutorials LR4 Tutorials

  daz60 06:28 09 May 2012


Thanks for the informative response,you have actually hit on the keyword;RAW..this is my eventual goal.If,as you say,this may be a problem on my present laptop then i think i would still buy to acquaint myself with its functions and then put it on a desktop of appropriate specifications.

Both yours and exdragon's links are bookmarked.

As a point in question my choice of camera is between these two...

2nd choice

1st choice

don't know if you or others have any thoughts on these..decided not to go DSLR because of bulk.

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