lightning fried pcs?

  niknax 20:20 23 Apr 2003

hi there lightning hit my house & the two pc's won't boot what would the cause be?

  sil_ver 20:50 23 Apr 2003

Assuming mains power is getting to your PCs I think you can already guess what the cause is. You might try taking the cooler off your cpu (if it's an AMD) and see if it's fried the chip also check for other signs of damage to the motherboard and psu. Use your nose for the smell of burning.

  Belatucadrus 20:51 23 Apr 2003

If a big voltage spike has reached your PC's it could be any number of things stopping boot up, from a cooked CPU to damaged graphics card. It's either time to get the case off and locate the damaged bit, or leg it to your local pc engineer. The moral of the story is fit a surge protector and even then turn off at the plug during electrical storms.

  mammak 21:47 23 Apr 2003

Well alway,s thought i was thick when it came too pc,s but me is not lol, i only bought my first pc 13 month,s ago an the first thing my wee pc local shop told me about, was a surge portector, even at that i unplug at the first sighn of a storm, my heavens they cost about £25to £30 not much to cover a £1000 plus pc, tut tut

  PSF 21:49 23 Apr 2003

A friend had a problem with his pc when there was a lightning strike near the house.
The problem was caused via the telephone line. It damaged the modem and first two pci slots.

If lightning hit your house the surge would be greater and therefore more damage caused to the motherboard.
You will need to look inside to see if there any obvious burns or any smells as sil_ver said.
Check your house insurance to see if it is covered. But they might just say 'act of god'.

  jeez 21:50 23 Apr 2003

does a surge protector work if the lightening comes down your telephone line?

  PSF 21:54 23 Apr 2003

Only if your modem cable it connected via the surge protector.

  niknax 21:56 23 Apr 2003

the psu is fine & the cpu. there are no obvious marks or smells on board could it be the memory sticks?

  jeez 22:00 23 Apr 2003

this may sound really stupid but have u checked the fuses in the plug's?

  flecc 22:03 23 Apr 2003

The CPU can be blown without any external sign such as burning or smell, the slightest excess voltage can do it. The same goes for the chipset and other semiconductors on your motherboard.

You're likely to need some expert help at the computer to get a diagnosis.

  niknax 22:10 23 Apr 2003

yes i have jeez!
the pc starts, with everything going but the operating system, the hdd light goes out after 20 seconds, but the pc still wirrs on!

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