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Lighting Problem with Custom Built PC

  arch11m 18:09 13 May 2019


About a year ago I decided to build my first PC. Here are my specs:

MSI X470 Gaming Plus AMD Ryzen 7 2700 AMD Wraith Spire Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB16GB ASUS 1070TI Strix Advanced GPU EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W Western Digital 1TB Samsung 970 EVO 500GB SSD CoolerMaster MasterCase H500P

I've always had lightning problems, and today I thought I'd finally try and resolve it. I currently have to use multiple different software to control my lights (Mystic light, ASUS Aura, iCue). I've been told to use my motherboard's lighting software to control everything, and this is where my problem starts.

On Mystic Light 3, only my motherboard and RAM are recognised. Nothing else. I can easily control my RAM individually, but if I try and adjust my motherboard colour, it changes my fan lights and my CPU Cooler too, however my CPU cooler becomes the opposite colour. For example, if I turned my motherboard purple, the fans would turn purple, but the CPU cooler would turn green. I've never been able to change the CPU cooler from either green or red, depending on whatever colour I choose for the motherboard.

I would really like to be able to adjust them individually, as at the moment, my CPU cooler nor my fans are recognised on any software. If anyone has some advice or more knowledge than me it would be really helpful.



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