lighter note

  SANTOS7 23:14 07 May 2004

click here sorry guys thought you might like this !!!

  stalion 23:25 07 May 2004

yes not bad lets hope nobody follows the instrctions especially to format the c drive.

  daba 23:32 07 May 2004

also been around before but I like this one...

click here

  daba 23:34 07 May 2004

PS note the above has an 'exit pop-up' (is this what a 'pop-under' is?)

Does anyone know how to stop exit pop-ups ?

  Audeal 01:00 08 May 2004

Popup Popper is a good program for stopping the popup adds whilst on the internet. It will ask you if you want to stop them or allow them from any particular site.

I can't seem to find the address right now. Maybe someone els knows the address.

  daba 00:40 09 May 2004

^ help me stop the unwanted web-sites "

  end 09:06 09 May 2004

having "cliked" the "click here" I "met" the "after pop", very nicely "disarmed" by my Guard IE , which stops just about anything unless you permit it. the new version is Guardwall.

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