Light Bulbs (This is not PC-related problem)

  VOT Productions 21:23 11 May 2010

(This is not PC-related problem)

Hello, today I had a light bulb problem, the lightbulbs in the house started mal-functioning.

The first floor had the problem but the ground floor was working.

But the TV and PC was still on.


  anniesboy 21:26 11 May 2010

you have two lighting circuits one for upstairs one for downstairs.
The ring main for sockets is not involved.

  MAT ALAN 21:29 11 May 2010

Call an electrician, thats wot they do, fix elektrickery...

sensibly, you need your lighting circuit testing...

  User-312386 21:33 11 May 2010

Poor earth in one of your light switches. Turn them on and off one by one and see which one causes them to flicker

  MAT ALAN 21:39 11 May 2010

might not have earth,depends on how new/old the wiring is...

i would do nothing, call an electrician and get them to come and look at your issue and get them to fix whatever might be wrong with it PROPERLY...

  anniesboy 21:39 11 May 2010

poor earth = electric shock

  VOT Productions 21:48 11 May 2010

Hold on.

The problem is that the first floor bulbs will not turn on.

Inclues: Bathroom 1 and 2, 3 bedrooms and corridor.

"Poor earth in one of your light switches. Turn them on and off one by one and see which one causes them to flicker"

Well, I can't because, the switches are everywhere.

I mean that every bulb first floor has two switches, with the exception of bathrooms and bedrooms.

  BRYNIT 21:56 11 May 2010

If all the bulbs will not turn on it could be that the MCB in the consumer unit has tripped and needs resetting. This usually happens when I light bulb fails.

A little more information would help help you as we cannot see what you can see. You could say we are working in the dark.

  anniesboy 21:56 11 May 2010

So circuit is broken somewhere,get an electrician,unless its simply a circuit breaker tripped following a bulb failure.

  anniesboy 21:57 11 May 2010


  MAT ALAN 21:57 11 May 2010

Two circuits Two fuses,(5 amp) have you checked them...

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