Libre Office - any problems

  itnein 15:33 04 Jun 2013

I have heard good reports of Libre Office, but has anyone come across any snags? For example, if I create a document in Libre Office can I send it as an attachment to an e-mail and, if I do, can the recipient open it in MS Office or do they also have to have Libre Office?

  wiz-king 16:42 04 Jun 2013

No. Yes if you save it as a Word document then send it.

  itnein 20:07 04 Jun 2013

Sorry, but I am confused. Does this mean that I have to have MS Office in addition to Libre Office? If so, what is the point of downloading Libre Office? I was hoping to use Libre Office instead of MS Office.

Does this mean that I can not attach documents or spreadsheet created in Libre Office to an e-mail because unless the recipient has Libre Office, they can not read them?

  natdoor 20:39 04 Jun 2013

When you create a document in Libre Office you will have the opportunty to save it in various formats. Saving as a Word document (.doc) will enable a user of Microsoft Office to open it. The same applies to spreadsheets and other file types. Since it is free, why not install it and see for yourself?

  spuds 09:58 05 Jun 2013

If you are new to Libre Office, then I would suggest that you have a look at YouTube, because there are a number of tutorial videos available to possibly watch and learn from.

  Clark-Kent 15:27 05 Jun 2013

I do not want to confuse you further, but you should know, that interoperability of LibreOffice with Microsoft Office does not work perfectly; e.g. if you use Writer, create a document, save it in a Word format (doc/x), and open it with Word, it will most probably look very different. You might see formatting losses, weird layout, missing objects, or other issues.

If best possible compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is very important for you, you should better try FreeOffice. This is another free full-featured office suite, but it has the excellent import and export filters from SoftMaker integrated, those are unrivaled on the market. FreeOffice has several other merits, e.g. it's faster than LibreOffice, it has no problems with password-protected files, it has a better user interface, etc., I personally prefer it. You get it here for Windows and Linux:

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