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  kimtrnc 06:33 28 Jun 2009

I have been asked to help with a charity library. I have already listed all the stock by author, title & number, on an Excel spreadsheet. That works very well. However, they now want to automate the ins and outs of books, and who has them.

The people who operate the library are sadly not computer literate

I have been searching all over the web for something accurate, but very simple to use. I have found oodles of stuff, but nothing quite suitable.

Anyone got any ideas, or better still, the talent to write a suitable, simple database for booking in and out by reference number and borrower?
Kim (Mrs Almost-Library-Designer)

  howard64 06:49 28 Jun 2009

do they have a barcode reader? this sounds like a simple database application where the borrower has a barcoded membership card and each book has its unique barcode.

  kimtrnc 06:53 28 Jun 2009

Unfortunately not - there isn't money for things like that....

  johnincrete 07:25 28 Jun 2009

I had exactly the same problem and lack of resources! There is a brilliant database that you can scan the ISDN code and have it insert all relevant details into the database. It's free but you have to buy the scanner so just store that away for future use!
I borrowed what we used to call a "numerater" - a device that stamps a number onto things and automatically moves on to the next. The number became the "stock number" and was entered into the Excel spreadsheet. We sorted the sheet into this number sequence. When a book was taken out, the item was found from its number and a "date out" was entered. (see another query I've raised). Similarly date entered when brought back. As required, sort where date out is present and date in is blank. Alternatively, when coming in, just delete date out. You will need also a "borrower" column to enter initials or perhaps issue a library card with a name & number which is listed in another spreadsheet.
I hope this has given you some ideas. It is not "automated" but requires little effort

  kimtrnc 07:33 28 Jun 2009

Johnincrete ( welcome another ex-pat!)
What is the "brilliant databse", please, and where can i get the "free" scanner?

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