Libraries in Windows 7 and itunes

  loopyloo 22:26 23 Apr 2010

I am trying to transfer my music onto my ipod using the above. In itunes when I click add folder and go into the relevant folder where my music is stored the name of the music folder is there but when I come to open it theres nothing in it. But when I look in the library for music through the start menu they appear. Go back to itunes and they have gone. This is only happnening with the folder because I can add the songs selecting add file only. Can anuone help this is driving me mad.

  northumbria61 22:29 23 Apr 2010

4 pages of instructions here for you.

click here

  loopyloo 23:17 23 Apr 2010

I know how to add folders and files to itunes. My problem has started today when I wanted to add a folder into itunes. The folder name is there but it then says that there is nothing in it. I go and look through windows explorer and the folder is there with the songs included. But go back to itunes and try adding and there gone. I am using windows 7 I can add indivual files but not folders. I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes but this fof not help

  northumbria61 00:30 25 Apr 2010

It seems the problem lies in your MUSIC folder so uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes as you have now discovered hasn't helped. If this has just recently happened I would suggest you try a system restore to a time when it was okay.

  loopyloo 17:15 25 Apr 2010

I did a complete system restore of my computer and installed itunes and I thought great its working I can import folder, but then it has gone again.

  john bunyan 17:33 25 Apr 2010

I have W7 and 2 i Pod libraries. Frst of all, how may files/ songs are in the folder you are trying to add to the library? I think there is a limit, so maybe in windows explorer create smaller folders. I will come back with another thpught in a mimute when I have looked at my settings.

  john bunyan 17:41 25 Apr 2010

In i Tunes, click Edit, Preferences, Advanced, then ensure the box is ticked "Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library".
This will create a copy of the original tune in iTunes to the one in your other folder. I also have about 14 films of about a gig each, and as I dont want duplicates of those, I untick this box when adding a film. This has the advantage that when I back up my music to an external HD, the films are kept in a seperate location.Do post back if it works.

  john bunyan 18:04 25 Apr 2010

One other point is that say you have a folder in your music folder called "Sue's MP3's", when you add it to the i tunes library, it will not appear as that. The tunes will be sorted into folders created by i tunes , sorted by artist, album etc. If you wnt to retain the identity of the original folder, you will have to create a "Playlist" in i Tunes called " Sue's MP3's" and drag and drop (in ITunes music) the tracks into it - this will not create yet another copy of the tune.

  john bunyan 18:08 25 Apr 2010

See Here too:
click here

  loopyloo 19:33 26 Apr 2010

Still have not sorted the problem. If I look in documents in the start menu my music files are there with songs. But when I try to add the folder in itunes and the box opens to where they are the name of the folder is there but the songs missing. Go back to start menu/documents the songs are showing. Slowly going mad here.

  john bunyan 19:55 26 Apr 2010

1.Can you give the folder's location in Windows explorer? In W7 "Documents" is an index and does not neccessarily hold the files concerned. In my case I have a C: partition with programme files and F; contains data.Just open Windows explorer and we will take it step by step from there.
Have you ticked the box as in my 25/04 post of 17.41? I am sure this can be sorted!

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