chippy+ 22:07 31 Dec 2008


hi I have posted this subject in the digital world forum but so far no replies i have spent a lot of time on the net spoke to richer sounds and lg support and cnnnot get it resolved could anyone help please. (I have got a 32in lg5020 lcd tv i have it tuned to a virgin cable box and have all virgin programs including the usual 1-5 bbc1-2 itv 3-4-5 the problem is it won't pick up the internal freeview can anyone help me to set this up thanks chippy

  alB 22:33 31 Dec 2008

Do you have your set connected to a terrestrial aerial as well as your Virgin cable box, if you do, try unplugging the Virgin box and let the TV retune itself ...alB

  chippy+ 23:05 31 Dec 2008

Hi MCE2K5 and alB
thanks for the reply
1) no i dont have a terrestrail aerial
2)i had the virgin box plugged in when i tuned the tv it tuned in ch cable and virgen chs but no freeview ch it dosen't seem to find the preview chs
3)have tried the tv/da but no response i am using the virgin remote on chanel 6 at the moment which gives me cable but no freeview thanks chippy

  alB 11:06 01 Jan 2009

As MCE2K5 has stated you do need a terrestrial aerial for freeview, I think the channels you have at the moment are stored in your Virgin box, hence the reason you are using channel 6 and the Virgin remote to change channels, how is your Virgin box connected to the TV at the moment ...alB

  chippy+ 13:48 01 Jan 2009

hi alB
my virgin box is connected through a scart and the arial in the back of the tv i have removed the arial and replaced it with a tempory internal arial and can now get freeview through options on the remote and the virgin cable through av1 on the remote thanks Chippy

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