LG V20 Mobile Phone and FM Radio

  woodworm35 22:28 26 Nov 2018

Hi Guys

I've been informed on this forum that FM Radio can be recieved on the LG V20 without having to stream here in the UK, with the aid of headphones acting as an ariel. When checking on the internet there seems to be a few different variation numbers, does anyone know which variation number I should buy for UK usage.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


  wee eddie 09:22 27 Nov 2018

Why don't you ask the Seller?

  woodworm35 17:52 28 Nov 2018

Hello Wee eddie

Thank you for your reply, yes I've tried that and it would appear a lot of sellers are just selling. Ask them a technical question and either you get no reply, from that I assume they don't know or get answers like the ones below:

onestopstore-uk Dear Buyer, Thanks for your message. We are customer services and are not experts. We have forwarded this query to our Technical team. Once they will confirm us we will let you know too. If you have any other query then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to service you.

Kind Regards (I'm still waiting,)

Another example: etech15 Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch, this phone can be used on EE network but we are unsure about the streaming of radio.

londonmoss Hi, Our LG V20 Verizon model does not support FM radio which is the same with most most models. The carriers disable this feature intentionally so that the user must stream using data.


To be truthful I don't know what to believe, do the LG V20 receive radio without streaming or not and which model would be best for the UK. I suppose in the end I will just have to take pot luck and buy one but make sure I can send it back if I can't get radio without streaming, but a drag doing it that way.

I was really hoping someone on this forum would have one of these phones and could tell me what model number they were using here in the UK and yep they can get radio without streaming. I know the battery can be changed in them without having to heat the back up in order to get it off, which is also what I'm looking for , so thats good.

  Flat Earther 19:05 28 Nov 2018

According to GSM arena, modes with Radio, H990N, H990DS, H910, H918.

Without Radio, H990T, LS997, US996, VS995.

I can't confirm if that is correct, but would be looking for H910/918 models. For ref VS995 is the Verizon.

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