LG v Sony 32" TV

  wildhouse 18:27 15 Feb 2012

Not a computer question but would value Helproom reader's opinions. Am about to get a 32" Tv and have narrowed it down to LG's 32LV355T and Sony's KDL32CX523BU. Both have Freeview HD and both have USb sockets. Have read numerous reviews on many sites inc Amazon, and both seem to have a similar number of (mostly) good and bad reviews. It will be going in a small room so will be sitting fairly close to it; will often be watching at an angle so that is important to me. They both cost about the same price. Have been unable to find the LG to view the picture although seen a similar LG next to a Sony (again, not above model but similar). Sony seemed less clear in Curry's but could be Curry's set up! thanks.

  eedcam 18:49 15 Feb 2012

really better looking on aproper forum for this check around this oneAV forums tv

  chub_tor 19:03 15 Feb 2012

On Revoo Click Heree the LG scores 9.3 and the Sony 8.4

  wildhouse 19:17 15 Feb 2012

Thanks, both. Have now registered with AV Forum (which I had sort of perused) and await more replies. I have been toying with the LG for several days - just others always think Sony is better. It has Internet options which is why it is on my shortlist, however, since I have a computer, not sure I need these as it only has certain pages (inc iPlayer) and not full internet access.

  birdface 21:08 15 Feb 2012

10 years ago and I would have said Sony without a doubt.Not sure if they even made LG's in those days.

Sony was always a class TV with a price to match.Right now they are bringing their prices down on some of the models to compete with the cheaper LG etc.

I have 2 LG's at home at the moment only because they were cheaper.

Which are better nowadays I don't know all I can say is Sony is usually more expensive.

  frybluff 21:42 15 Feb 2012

I've always found LG kit to be very good, certainly the best of the budget manufacturers. Sony make some really good TV's, but at a price. I tend to think that a Sony "at the same price" MAY come at a cost (if you'll pardon the pun), in terms of spec, or quality.

  wildhouse 21:52 15 Feb 2012

One difference seems to be Sony is 50Hz and LG 100HZ, but I think in a 32" it won't make much differece. I don't plan to play games on it.

  Ian in Northampton 08:47 16 Feb 2012

Sony have largely rested on their brand name over the past few years, while LG and Samsung (LG used to be Lucky Goldstar - not many people know that...) have come up with not only great value products but, increasingly, very well reviewed products too. All of that said, without looking at the respective models, my tendency would be to go for the LG. On the other hand, while the Sony's internet access may be limited at present, there's no doubt that connected TV is the way to go - and there is always the possibility that Sony will add more online services in the future. But: LG also do connected TVs. If you can find a 32" LG connected TV within your price range, check out the reviews - and, if they're good, go for that. Oh, and - don't discount Samsung, who are currently producing some of the best-rated TVs out there.

  wildhouse 09:33 16 Feb 2012

Have investigated and LG do do an Internet TV but it's £100 more expensive, so will stick with my computer for the Internet for the time being! Have decided to order the LG from Amazon this morning. Thanks all for your input.

  wildhouse 16:52 19 Feb 2012

The LG arrived very promptly from Amazon. Mostly pleased with the TV. Easy to set up and eventually figured out how to attach my DVD Recorder and my Talk Talk TV box! BBC 1 and other HD channels very good. Only thing a bit disappointed with is the pixelation when closer to the TV. While flicking through channels saw an old Western film - it almost looked like I was looking at a painting of it so older films probably best watched on my 16" in the kitchen! But I have a small sitting room so suspect this would be the same with most 32" TV's.

  eedcam 19:10 19 Feb 2012

Actually a lot of the old films are shown in HD and are quite impressive in contrast to some new HD programs which are from it Hee!

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