LG GSA4082B DVD-RW installation problems

  Dave911 15:55 06 May 2004

Having put a discussion thread up on the comsumer forum re a dpecific type of DVD writer click here I have received it today and found that when installed that it does not work. The compuet recognises the drive as drive D: and the driver is correct and digitally signed, however when I put in a disk it simply does not recognise it and tells me to 'insert disk in drive d:'.

I had nero v5 and incd v2 on and I have removed these as I do not believe they are compatible with DVD-RW, I have installed the LG software B's Recorder Gold etc, yet it still does not work.

I am obviously doing something wrong, but what???

I ahve checked the LG website and they are offering a firmware download which is not for the OEM version which mine is, and too be honest I am wary of them as I do not want to bugger my drive when it isn't even a day old.

Please help


  scotty 16:01 06 May 2004

I have an earlier version of the LG (4040). When installed, it created two new drive letters, one for DVD+R/DVD-R and another for DVD-RAM. Were two new drives created after your install? If so, try the other.

  Dave911 16:04 06 May 2004

No I have a DVD-R drive still in which is working fine and is labled F:, the drive I replaced was labled D: and it has been replaced by the same ID, trouble is it id not sseing the disks, no matter what type I put in.


  SEASHANTY 16:11 06 May 2004


  scotty 16:15 06 May 2004

Next suggestion would be to remove the drive (not physically), power down, re-start and install again.

  Tj_El 16:44 06 May 2004


I experienced the same kind of issue with my previous CD-RW drive where although it showed up in Explorer, insertion of a CD caused no response.

I also received the same DVD player (OEM) from Ebuyer yesterday and it installed perfectly 1st time. You might have a dead drive. Oh, btw, I updated the firmware from the LG site with no problems... ;-)


  Dave911 16:51 06 May 2004


Did you have to install the firmware to get it going or did it just work first time, and is it a primary or secondary unit.



  Dave911 17:14 06 May 2004

Sorry guys,

One good push of the connection cable and it worked, must be all the dust and spiders in there!!

Anyway problem solved - I think - now I will try and burn my first DVD.

Thanks for your help


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