LG GSA-4040B Combi Drive

  atoms 10:34 16 Nov 2003

I realise this drive is fairly new to market but it doesn't seem to like my cheapo CD media. Do any readers have experience of particular CD/DVD media which would either help/warn me?

I have installed Nero6 and updated it from their web site with the latest versions. This preloads In-CD packet writing on start-up. In normal CD burning I have had many failures. The PC - running XP Home- either hangs or reports 'Illegal block size for command'- 'Could not perform end of disc at once'. Could there be some form of conflict with the In-CD software?

  gold 47 12:47 16 Nov 2003

What Software came with your combi drive?? don't have the model number drive as you mine came with Easy CD Creator i changed it to nero but it wouldn't work with it running XP Home.

  Jester2K II 12:50 16 Nov 2003

Think thats your answer!

Problem is these drives are only tested with common / brand name media so can't be guarentted to work with cheap stuff.... Some will some won't. Trial and error it is...

  tes 14:00 16 Nov 2003

Mine works fine with Panasonic,golding (from maplins)& Arita 4 speed.Doesn't like Datasafe havn't tried any other yet. Perhaps we could compile a list

  TOPCAT® 14:51 16 Nov 2003

Quote: 'Currently there are scads of no-name discs available on retail shelves, the quality of which remains to be seen over the course of the coming months. As our test results show, the compatibility promised by all manufacturers is not yet high enough to make buying the cheapest discs without due consideration a good idea...

LG doesn't suffer from any big defects, except for the fact that some DVD players can't read its +Rs, and offers unparalleled features, outstanding flexibility, including DVD-RAM support, good performance, solid support and the lowest price around.'

click here to read the full review of your machine. TC.

  atoms 16:05 16 Nov 2003

My LG came with B-Gold and other BHA products but that crashed XP so badly I had to do a reinstall - so I bought Nero6. Do I understand from gold47 that Nero6 gives him trouble on XP Home was it Easy CD creator that caused probs/

  tes 16:55 16 Nov 2003

I have Nero Express, Easy cd creator & all the BHA products that came with the drive loaded on my comp & I havn't noticed any problems yet. I am on XP home by the way.

  atoms 17:19 16 Nov 2003

As usual very helpful and rapid responses to my query. many thanks all!

At the risk of outstaying my welcome - in preparing to burn a DVD copy after ripping my original DVD and getting a file in VOB format I get the message when ading it to the burn window that as it is greater than 2gb I have to use a UDF file system. This was a new one on me - any help or pointing to a helpful web site would be much appreciated since my original search in google reveals info about what UDF is but not how to get my original file into an acceptable state.

  gold 47 19:24 16 Nov 2003

No atoms it was Nero6 that caused me the problem but as i said my LG COMBI came with Easy CD Creator i prefer Nero gave it a shot and it went belly up went back to Easy CD works fine now.

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