LG Flatron monitor - display/driver issues!

  SOFTWARE SID 10:15 28 Feb 2003

Two days ago, I had to reformat my C: drive and reinstall Win98SE - all has gone well, except on the display front.

I'm using the LG Flatron L1510S, and when I attempt to install the correct drivers from the CD, I get a message saying:

"The specified location does not contain information about your hardware".

I have a slightly out of focus display, whereas a month ago, when I first installed the monitor it was brilliantly sharp.

Specs (from Norton Utilities) -

AMD Duron 800 mhz processor
Memory : 256 MB
Video: 640x480 in 32 bit colour, Rage Fury Pro
O/S: Windows 98 SE

Not sure how much this is to go on, but all advice received with gratitude!

  powerless 10:23 28 Feb 2003

Clean the CD.

Try again...

You could go into the CD by "Exploring" the CD. Look for the "DRIVERS" folder. Right click > Copy > Paste the folder to the desktop...

Now go to install the monitor driver but get windows to look on the desktop instead of the CD.

  SOFTWARE SID 10:57 28 Feb 2003

Thanks for that response - all seems perfectly logical and well worked through...

...you can guess the punchline can't you?!

Yes, still getting the error message - thanks for trying though!

All very frustrating, because a month ago, I just plugged in and it worked brilliantly out of the box.

  « Ravin » 11:44 28 Feb 2003

a bit unrelated but i m thinking of buying this same monitor and wanted to ask it was ok?

  « Ravin » 11:46 28 Feb 2003

try going to the manufacturers site and see if you can download the latest drivers.

  SOFTWARE SID 12:44 28 Feb 2003

Heading back to the LG website in a moment to have a sniff round.

Must say, when it was installed it was a great machine!

  « Ravin » 14:02 28 Feb 2003

how was it with movies and games if you tried them? and how high can you go screen resolution wise?

  SOFTWARE SID 14:09 28 Feb 2003

When it worked - games wise it was vg - I'm a big user of EA Sports' FIFA 2003, and it gives a very nice result with that visually - can't remember off hand how high I took the resolution to when I was experimenting after I first purchased though.

Latest update - tried to install L1510B driver instead, but got the same error popping up. I've emailed LG support, but sceptical about hearing back.

A long shot here - I've been pondering the possibility of an upgrade to Win XP for the past few months - would that solve the problem here, or would I end up with a nice new O/S and a still fuzzy monitor?!

  « Ravin » 14:15 28 Feb 2003

i checked a while back and i think i saw this monitor listed among those compatible with win xp. so it may work! don't quote me anywhere though ;o) the lg support are quite good you should get an e mail within a day.

  « Ravin » 14:17 28 Feb 2003

are you sure you have the right driver? cause i think there are two variants to this model 656 and 686? not very sure. but the drivers from your cd should have worked anyhow

  « Ravin » 14:22 28 Feb 2003

is this the where you got your drivers from? just checking :o) click here

if you search here click here you should find it among the list of supported monitors :o)

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