LG DVD-ROM refuses to play my DVD's

  Chegs ® 17:37 02 Jul 2004

I have an LG DVD-ROM,it has always worked faultlessly until recently.Now it refuses to recognise any DVD disc that I have created,and inserting an original DVD will play,but the sound is awful.It still plays data cd's(games,etc)but doesn't recognise a DVD disc.I have PowerDVD and Sonic Cineplayer installed(thinking it was perhaps PowerDVD that had chucked one so installed Sonic Cineplayer)I have all the "Critical Updates" and DX9,the OS is XP Pro,CPU = 1.0G,512Mbs RAM,Ti4600 Graphics Card.I thought it might be dust,but then it wouldn't play data cd's either I would have thought.I have two of these LG drives installed on different PC's and the other one works no problem.Has this LG DVD-ROM bitten the dust(so to speak)or is there anything else I could try?

  Chegs ® 17:50 02 Jul 2004

Tried that,no difference in playback...audio is still crackling/broken on original DVD's and it still doesn't recognise any homemade DVD's.

  Chegs ® 18:03 02 Jul 2004

I have 3 PC's,one runs XP Home,the problem PC is XP Pro and the third is running linux.The two DVD-ROM's are installed in the windows PC's,both PC's have PowerDVD and Sonic Cineplayer(or had until a few minutes ago)Neither PC will play DVD's with PowerDVD,although they used to.The problem only occured a few days ago,so I had already tried uninstalling the devices and letting windows redetect them,uninstalling the DVD software and reinstalling 1st PowerDVD alone(but it didn't help the audio)then removing PowerDVD and reinstalling Sonic Cineplayer,but the audio was still crap and homemade DVD's still didn't work.Thats why I posed the question on here,to see if anyone had any other ideas(although I dont mind retrying each suggestion again)

  Chegs ® 01:15 03 Jul 2004


  Gaz 25 02:20 03 Jul 2004

Could be a faulty drive.

Thats what happened to a Lite-On drive I had.

  Chegs ® 11:55 03 Jul 2004

Thanks for the suggestions folks,but nothing seems to be gonna get it to work properly.I obtained a "lens cleaner" CD,ran that thru the drive without success.I will give it a few days(to get over the frustration its causing) and then try reinstalling the OS and the software,if that doesn't work then it is looking like a new DVD-ROM.I will leave this thread open until I have reinstalled the OS.

  Chegs ® 21:57 07 Jul 2004

Well,I have tried wiping C:/ clean and reinstalling the OS+apps again,it made absolutely no difference,sound still stutters and only original DVD's will play.I will try one last thing,putting the DVD-ROM into another PC.If it works then I could be looking at a slightly faulty graphics card in the other PC,but whatever...

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