LG DVD player - Disc Error

  andyjck208 18:31 09 Apr 2018

Hi. I recently bought a 2nd hand LG HT805TH 5.1 surround sound with DVD player etc. No matter what disc I put in, it would spin then get spat out with "Disc Err" written on the unit. I bought a DVD cleaning disc from Maplin and the DVD player recognised the disc and plays it like normal! What on earth is going on? Please help! Andy

  wee eddie 20:27 09 Apr 2018

Take/Send it back

  andyjck208 21:03 09 Apr 2018

I bought the whole system for £50 and the USB, aux and all speakers work but it's main use would have been for the kids DVDs. I can't take it back, must be +5 years old

  wee eddie 22:11 09 Apr 2018

They probably sold it because it stopped working.

You've been conned.

Having said that, you may be able to get a DVD Player that will work with your PC and therefor the Speakers unless they require an auxiliary Amplified

  alanrwood 09:42 10 Apr 2018

What region is the player set to and what region are the DVDs you are trying to play.

Can you play music CDs on it.

  andyjck208 10:05 10 Apr 2018

Hi Alan. I can't play any CD's other than the cleaning CD

  alanrwood 19:11 10 Apr 2018

OK,this is inconsistent. You have said it is a DVD then a CD, which? Is the cleaning disk a CD or a DVD.

A DVD drive has 2 lasers incorporated. The first is for reading/writing DVDs, the second for reading/writing CDs which works at a longer wavelength.

You also have not answered what region the DVD is set to.

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