LG DVD drives

  maiden7802 20:26 29 Nov 2005

I want a drive that supports DVD-RAM and Lg do them. Is there a difference between the 4163 and the 4167 that I should be taking into account? Ta.

  freaky 20:44 29 Nov 2005

I have the 4163B and that supports DVD-RAM - it's an excellent drive.

Possibly the 4167 is a newer drive, hence the different model number. Suggest you visit the LG Website and check.

If you buy the 4163B, then there is a Firmware flash update available on their site. If you have problems downloading it then I can send it to you - click on my envelope.


  ashdav 20:47 29 Nov 2005

4167 has superceded the 4163 and has 16x write speed on DVDs. Excellent drive (got 2 !) click here

  maiden7802 20:53 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for that. Very useful.

Anyone used them with a Panasonic DVDrecorder to move and edit stuff between Panny and PC?

  Totally-braindead 21:09 29 Nov 2005

Ah. You're hopefully not talking about the standalone connect to the TV DVD recorder I hope because they are a pain. Neighbour has one, wanted to burn his photos to DVD to show them on his Panasonic DVD recorder in the living room and just couldn't get it to work. Discovered that in order to burn a DVD that the Panasonic can read its necessary to use DVD RAM and it must be finalised, this of course means that if theres only a hundred photos on it using a 20th of the disk then thats tough it still must be finalised. If that isn't enough of a limitation then you also cannot alter the photos in any way on your PC as according to Panasonic it alters the JPEG file to a PC version of JPEG which cannot be read on a Panasonic DVD recorder at all. Never heard of this last bit before thought a JPEG was a JPEG but that was the reply I got from Panasonic when I asked them why it didn't work with the disks we tried.

  wallbash 23:00 29 Nov 2005

I also have the excellent LG 4163B and a Panasonic DMR-E55EB. I bought the Panasonic 12 months ago mainly so I could use the dvd Ram disks. Every member of the family has there own to use as 'mini hard drives'!!!Wipe and wipe again.

But I use the standard dvd-r for every other purposes .
eg films/photo , so is there a reason why you need to use Ram discs as Totally-braindead suggested.

I find that a combination of Nero and Dvd shrink/santa copes with all problems/challenges

  Totally-braindead 14:40 30 Nov 2005

Now thats interesting wallbash, we couldn't get any of the disks to work when burned on the PC and we tried to look at them on the DVD recorder. We tried DVDRAM DVD+R and DVD-R none of them worked. The info I was given by Panasonic was what Panasonic support quoted to me. Perhaps my friend has a different DVD Recorder, I can't remember the model number.

  AlanHo 16:20 30 Nov 2005

I too have an LG 4163 burner plus a Panasonic DMREH50 DVD/hard disc recorder. I have no problems playing DVD-R or DVD+R or DVD-RAM discs burned on the computer on the Panasonic unit.

DVD-RAM is a re-writable format - the discs can be re-used 100,000 times. I regularly edit photos using Paint Shop Pro before burning them to disc in jpg format - again without problems.

I realise that this is no consolation to someone with problems - but it seems that your Panasonic unit is incompatible in some way. I suspect it may be an old model - some original DVD players were very temperamental

  woodchip 16:27 30 Nov 2005

There are many versions of Jpeg

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