LG DRD-8160B DVD player only recognises cd's not d

  jonsey22 11:39 29 Aug 2005

The DVD in question is an LG DRD-8160B. It used to work fine but ever since hard drive format it has not been working properly. It will detect and runs cd's fine but it will not detect DVD's when I place any type of DVD in the drive it simply says 'please insert a disk into the drive'. I use windows xp home addition. Its been a real pain as bascialy now I just have a DVD drive acting as a basic cd-rom drive. Can anyone help?

It says in the manual that under windows xp no installation of any driver or software is needed, the LG website though does have firmware for the DVD ROM, would it be worth trying it?

I tried disconnecting it, rebooting, then reconnect it and reboot, see if windows then recognizes it/installs it properly but its still doing the same thing.

Ive also removed it from the device manager and let it install automaticaly again, which also did not work. Help! :-(

Also I do have a hardware cd that comes with the computer do you think it would be worth searching on that instead of windows xp installing drivers automaticaly?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 29 Aug 2005

Install own drivers for it from the CD

If that fails then maybe a dud laser as DVD uses different laser to CD. However it would be a coincidence that it failed after a HDD format.

  Chegs ® 12:33 29 Aug 2005

I have had two DVD-ROM's expire in exactly the same fashion(recognises CD's)I tried flashing the firmware(as they were defective,so couldn't really make 'em any worse)and one returned to working order(albeit as a different brand DVD drive)after the flash.It unfortunately only continued to work for a few months then the same problem returned.Both drives failed without any additional PC interventions(no formats/reinstalls/new software loaded)they simply stopped recognising DVD's.I also had my Pioneer DVD-RW fail in a similar fashion,there were about six firmware versions available for it,I tried each and finally opted for the firmware that gave the best result(it recognised a few more discs than any other)

I have replaced the Pioneer with an LG DVD-RW,it cost less to buy than the DVD-ROM's had when I bought them. :-)

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