LG CD-RW doesnt recognise blank disc

  bl9au 15:38 19 Mar 2003

Just recently purchased a LG CD-RW, its on a slave setting with dvd as master, the config is recognised in bios, and the OP.

Im using easy cd creater 4.51 and it says insert blank disc but doesnt recognise it, any ideas??

  BRYNIT 15:46 19 Mar 2003

Do you mean it does not recognise the disks in easy cd creator program or in explorer

  powerless 15:46 19 Mar 2003

Update ECDC.

Try a different brand of disc.

  k_g2000 15:53 19 Mar 2003

bl9au, I don't know what op you are using and I have never used ECDC but in XP under cdrw properties under the recording tab you have to enable cd recording on the drive to recognise blank media.

  bl9au 15:58 19 Mar 2003

Im running win 98.

and yes doesnt recog blank discs in eay cd creator, i thought maybe the drive is faulty or something?

  powerless 15:59 19 Mar 2003

Not all drives can recognise all brands of discs. I've had this myself, only once.

  bl9au 15:59 19 Mar 2003

sorry for being thick but whats ecdc?

  PA28 16:15 19 Mar 2003

At the risk of grannies and egg sucking, I find that it's easy to put cheap disks in upside down which produces symptoms akin to that described. Just as well to eliminate this if you're working off a spindle of cheapies. Been there... done it!

  powerless 16:17 19 Mar 2003

ECDC = Easy CD Creater

  TBH1 16:23 19 Mar 2003

do you not have to format them for ecdc to recognise them ? How about when you copy audio cd to audio cd using the none ecdc copying software ie the ordinary adaptec stuff ?

  powerless 16:34 19 Mar 2003

No format of the disc is necessary.

Disc to disc - nope bare - unformatted disc.

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