LG to ACER - No Sound

  itswatsonmydear 05:15 18 Feb 2012

So my LG LCD tv is connected to my Acer Veriton X498G and it doesn't have any sound only when I just switch to tv mode. I have checked any and every video input, output, setting, cord, website, document, how to guide, instruction book there is on this issue. None of which are helping I'm trying to be able to listen to music, watch a movie, anything with sound. The input source when connecting to the PC is of course RGB-PC. I've been told HDMI cords work but they haven't with this one. I did have this issue with the previous computer as well but I've upgraded to the Acer and it is still not allowing sound to come out when using that particular output (RGB-PC) but it does when using Input Source: TV in the menue. Any assistance would be great, my boyfriends is a huge geek about computers, geek said with the up most respect but we both have a habit of over looking things so I'm wondering if you have any incite on this issue. Thanks in advance

  eedcam 08:54 18 Feb 2012

RGB relates to video only nowt to do with audio.What cable/s are you usong to connect and from what output/s on the tv

  birdface 09:22 18 Feb 2012

Using hdmi cable you have to use the TV remote to turn the sound up or down.

  birdface 09:24 18 Feb 2012

You may have to go to sound in the control panel and make sure it is set to Hmdi sound..

  birdface 09:29 18 Feb 2012

Just checked in sound in control panel and mine is set to AMD HDMI Output default device.Remember to use the Remote control to adjust your volume.

  itswatsonmydear 17:29 18 Feb 2012

Well there isn't an hdmi port on the Acer. The cord linking the two is the one that goes to the RGB in port in the back of the tv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 18 Feb 2012

Plus you need an audio cable from the headphone socket of he laptop to the audio in on TV (can be a 3.5 jack or rca plugs.

  itswatsonmydear 18:39 18 Feb 2012

Its not a laptop, just a modem. Should I do the same thing

  birdface 18:49 18 Feb 2012

Just a desktop.


  birdface 21:55 18 Feb 2012

VGA connector on computer to VGA connector on the TV and just your external speakers for your sound.

  itswatsonmydear 22:13 18 Feb 2012

Tower not modem*

I'll check the vga out

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