LG 4263 DVD/CD writer & DVD RAM & drag-n-drop

  Diggory 08:28 17 Jun 2005

Grateful of any advice re DVD RAM .....

Have bought but not yet fitted the LG4263 - it does look very good / bargain. I plan to mainly use the native XP Professional to drag & drop to DVD RAM. I believe this only supports FAT32 – so will format DVDs this way.

I was planning to turn off native XP CD writing capability to the LG drive but not sure if this would also disable NERO’s ability to burn CDs on that drive ?

I have bought some 3xspeed DVD RAMs (ver 2.1) will these be okay in the LG as it quotes 5x DVD RAM which I think is ver 3.0 ?



  scotty 10:06 17 Jun 2005

I have an older LG drive which I use with Win ME so I am not familiar with use with XP. The beauty of DVD RAM is that you use it like you use a floppy (if you can remember them). A format utility should have been provided with the drive (if not you can download the software). You format a disc then you use it like a very high capacity floppy. No special software (Nero, XP's own etc) is needed to write to DVD RAM discs. You just copy or save to the disc as you would to a floppy or harddrive.

This drive also supports DVD+/- and you use Nero to write to these formats.

  TomJerry 10:46 17 Jun 2005

in case of conflict with Nero

for RAM disc, no software is needed, you just format it as a "big floppy" use XP and use it as a big floppy

  SEASHANTY 16:41 17 Jun 2005

Presume this drive is the LG GSA 4163B £30 from Blankdiscshop
click here

  Diggory 21:18 17 Jun 2005

Thank guys,

Yep tis LG-GSA4163B, paid about £32 (MISCO) which I thought was a good deal compared to PC World's £high50S.

Bit confussed re advise, are you saying that to use both XP-pro drag-n-drop for DVD RAM and NERO (say) for CD, I should first disable native XP-pro CD Write ability.

Am I correct about native XP-pro DVD drag-n-drop only supporting FAT32 – so will need to format DVDs for FAT32.



  Joe R 21:26 17 Jun 2005


you will need to use nero or roxio, or another cd/dvd burning software.

As far as I am aware you can only drag and drop to cd's with XP.

  SEASHANTY 09:55 18 Jun 2005

This article may interest you
click here
and more info click here
I have the LG 4163B fitted in this PC but so far it hasn't been used for DVD-RAM drag to disc. I also have the Roxio Media Creator 7 suite installed and on installation this put a drag to disc icon on the desktop and also the system tray. I have just right clicked on this an d it gives fourteen options on drag to disc including formats. States that the disc will be formatted as necessary. Suggest you try some experiments.

  SEASHANTY 10:00 18 Jun 2005

The Wikepedia webpage states that using MS Windows
you will require a DVD-RAM driver or InCD programme
for drag to disc click here

  SEASHANTY 10:10 18 Jun 2005

Impressive list of just what Roxio v6 supports and link to updates here if needed. Note that DVD-RAM is supported in v.6
click here

  SEASHANTY 10:32 18 Jun 2005

This website suggests using the Microsoft disc Management instead of the LG driver
click here

  Diggory 18:37 18 Jun 2005


Many thanks - some really useful resources.
I will let you know how I go with this over the next couple of days.


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