LG 4163B can't use DVD RAM

  cornflakes 11:27 10 Sep 2008

Hi everyone, I have a LG DVD/RAM drive (Model GSA-4163B) which is supposed to be able to read/write to DVD RAM discs, but can’t. I have bought good quality RAM discs (Panasonic) to use and I am using NERO V6.6.0.15. and Windows XP Pro with SP3

I have run the "Nero Info Tool" to analyse the drive and it has no "Tick" in the box, which would denote that it is able to use DVD RAM, and Nero will not allow me to place a tick in the box! Nero also reports that ASPI is not installed. Devise Manager reports that “This device is working properly.”.

Question: How on earth do I get the drive to be recognised as a DVD RAM drive so that I can use it? I have not updated the firmware, as on checking the various forums on this, they seem to suggest that it’s best left alone.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this………………….Cornflakes

  Technotiger 11:33 10 Sep 2008

I have the same drive, not used it yet with RAM disc though. Does your drive show up in My Computer as a RAM Drive (mine does). Perhaps you need to re-install the drive, or update driver in Devices.

  crosstrainer 11:33 10 Sep 2008

You may need the firmware upgrade.....Be very careful and follow the instructions exactly. There is always a risk involved with a flash, and it's possible you may render your drive useless, so proceed with caution.

click here

  Technotiger 11:48 10 Sep 2008

I have just done a test putting items on a RAM disc and then erasing the RAM disc using Nero7, all went smoothly.

Nero user Interface only shows it as normal DVD, but using the Nero tools it is seen as a RAM disc, and shows the correct size etc.

  Technotiger 11:48 10 Sep 2008

PS - My RAM discs are also Panasonic.

  Technotiger 11:54 10 Sep 2008

Did you Format your RAM disc before trying to use it? I had to do a Quick Format, which I forgot to mention - sorry, but after the format all went well.

  cornflakes 13:19 10 Sep 2008

Thanks Guys for replying so quickly. Still looking for answers! But many thanks for your assistance so far!!!!!!!

1. Technotiger – Answer: No it shows as a CD drive. Tried to update the driver from device manager via Internet and Windows reported that the driver in use was the latest driver available (5.1.2535.0)

2. Crosstrainer – Answer: Thank you for the advice! I may try the Firmware upgrade, but as a last resort.

3. Technotiger – Answer: NERO tools recognises the drive AND the disk as DVD RAM

4. Technotiger – Answer: Tried a Quick Format – FAILED – Tried a full Format – OK, but still only seen as a CD-R/WR by windows. Very strange as I can and have burnt DVDs!!!!

Tried burning a small file (PDF) to the disk using “Windows”, No luck! Windows says that the disc type is incorrect and asks me to put in a CD!Then cannot delete the file (or drag & drop to the disc)

Thanks again ! ………………..STILL TRYING……………….Cornflakes

  cornflakes 13:43 10 Sep 2008

My last post should have said:

Tried burning a small file (PDF) to the disk using “Windows”, No luck! Windows says that the disc type is incorrect and asks me to put in a CD! Burnt the PDF using NERO OK BUT then cannot delete the file (or drag & drop to the disc)

Sorry for the misleading bit

  scotty 14:10 10 Sep 2008

One of the good things about DVD RAM discs is that you do not need any special burning software. Once you have formatted the disc you use it just like your harddrive or a floppy (e.g. copy & paste in windows explorer or save your document directly from an application such as Word or Excel).

Try formatting the disc again then use Windows Explorer to copy some files to the disc.

I remember having problems when I used XP to format DVD RAM discs. I had better results if I used Windows ME or Linux to format the discs. Once formatted they worked in XP.

  crosstrainer 15:09 10 Sep 2008

Sounds more and more like the firmware to me.

  cornflakes 16:06 10 Sep 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the advice.

Tried using windows, did not work! Still trying---Nothing seems to work!!!!!!

Will eventually have to resort to a firmware upgrade as per crosstrainers suggestion, but will try everything else first.


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