LG 16X Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter Drive

  Henmin 15:23 29 Mar 2005

Hi Folks,

I have just Burnt some Data on to a Philips DVD+RW disk which can hold 4.7GB data. In My Computer when I click on 'E:' the DVD Drive - it's showing up as a CD-ROM Disc. What's also puzzling is that the disc is showing full with only 902 MB.

Can anyone please HELP!


  Fingees 15:51 29 Mar 2005

If you have inadvertantly closed the disk for use on dvd player, or other computer, it will show as full. this stops any further use, until the disk is deleted, and if using incd. formatted.
For multisession work the disk must be left open after burning.

  FelixTCat 15:52 29 Mar 2005

If you burned it in "Disk at once" mode, the disk was closed to all further burning (called "finalised") and will show as full.

The difference between R and RW is that with RW you can erase the disk and start again.

There are 2 main ways of writing to RW disks: disk at once and packet writing. With disk at once, you write your data to the disk and then you cannot add to them - you can only erase and start again. With packet writing, you format the disk and then use it like a large floppy disk, being able to add more data and erase old data.

There is one half-way method called multi-session. With this method, you can part-fill the disk and then come back and add more data - effectively the extra data first imports the old data then adds to it and writes a new index.

In general, only disks that are written disk at once can be read on other drives.

  Henmin 16:55 29 Mar 2005

Hi Fingees & FelixTCat,

I'm upgrading my 5 year old PC so I actually bought the LG DVD/CD Rewtiter to backup all my personal data/files and keep them all in one place safely till I was ready too transfer them back to my PC. I thought a DVD Rewriter would do just that for me as it could store 4.7GB. However, now I can see the problems with these DVD Drives.

I can't format these discs except during Burning through InCD. I have followed the Disc Formatting Instructions: 1. Insert a disc in the recorder. 2 Start Windows Explorer. 3 Right click with the mouse on the recorder's drive icon and select the 'InCd' Format command from the menu. (The trouble is when I Right Click on the recorder's drive icon the InCd formwt command is not there. The Windows Explorer's window opens with all its commands. Have I done anything wrong?

Can I copy and paste instead of Burning? Oh, it's all so confusing, till of course, you get the hang of it all.



  oscar cat 17:15 29 Mar 2005

Rather than using a + or - RW disc use a DVD Ram disc as this is better for backing up personal data with this drive and you can use Ram discs like another hard drive using windows explorer, this is what LG drives excel at.

  BRYNIT 17:40 29 Mar 2005

If you have InCD on you computer and it does not show when you right click on drive icon it is not loading on startup. Click on my computer/C drive/program files/Ahead/InCD and click on the InCD.exe file. It should now show when you right click on recorder drive.

  Henmin 17:45 29 Mar 2005

Hi oscar cat,

Do DVD Ram disc come enclosed in a casing. If so then it won't go into my drive. There are so many different types these day it makes it so hard to know which one to choose.



  FelixTCat 17:50 29 Mar 2005

Just use Nero (or any other burning software) and burn 4.7 GBytes worth of data on each disk. Do NOT use packet writing - it is just not reliable.

Erase the disks before you write to them to make sure that the full volume is available to you.

I agree that DVD-RAM would be a better storage medium, but if you already have enough RW disks, then just use them.

Of course, if it's a new pc that you are buying, as well as backing up your data (necessary anyway), the easiest way to transfer your data is to put the hard disk from your present pc into your new pc and just copy the data across. You can then leave the old disk in the new pc for extra storage or put it back in the old pc.

  Henmin 18:06 29 Mar 2005


tried your suggestionin. In Ahead I don't see InCd. I saw it installing. But for some reason it's not there. I looked into all the Folders in there but didn't see it.


  Henmin 18:09 29 Mar 2005

Hi FelixTCat,

Sorry, should have answered this earlier. No, not buying a newe PC, just upgrading my old one.



  Fingees 18:16 29 Mar 2005

You can download INCD from Ahead website.

if you have Nero installed, you won't need another serial number

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