Lexmark Z22 Printer - forever buying new Cartridge

  Chrisann 15:53 21 Jan 2003
  Chrisann 15:53 21 Jan 2003

This may sound a silly question but how long should an ink cartridge last...The Lexmark Z22 that I have holds two 1 black and one colour..I have just replaced the black cartridge. the colour one was replaced about 6 months ago and although it is registering as full it now doesn't print any colour...I don't use the colour much and am getting really fed up with costs...it seems to me that not using the printer is causing the cartridge to dry out... Its becoming a very expensive must have item.....Chrisann.

  powerless 15:59 21 Jan 2003

The printer will use the colour cartridge to print black documents it will mix the colours to do this.

Tell the printer to only use the black cartridge when only printing black.

You could take the cartridges out and give them a shaking...

As to how long they will last? Impossible to say, everyone prints differently.

  Wak 20:15 21 Jan 2003

Hi, I have a lexmark X75 and the black cartridges are about £24.00each. The last one has just lasted for 3 months but instead of replacing it with a new one, I bought an Ink-Tec Refill kit from Choice Stationery for £9.99. This will refill the cartridge four times so is well worth trying. You get a cartridge holder, bradawl, 40ml of ink, needles, gloves, a syringe and full instructions. It's very easy to do and only takes about 5 or 10 minutes. Also, it isn't messy or dirty as most people would have you believe. The printing results are also excellent if you don't let the cartridge run too dry.
I have also just sent for the colour kit at £12.99.
I'm so pleased, I would buy the Company if I could afford it.
Try click here you have nothing to loose.

  User-312386 21:20 21 Jan 2003

it sounds to me that you have removed the colour cartridge and then put it back in

the old lexmark series do not know that it is an old cartridge and therefore assume it is a new one and then say it is 100% when it could be empty

the new inkjets(not just lexmark)all have the ability to "think" and know if a cartridge is full/empty when re-inserted


  Chrisann 21:42 21 Jan 2003

No actually I haven't removed it at all ..
It was purchased from new ..inserted..it read full as expected...this was approximately 6 months ago. it now reads just over a quarter used but does not produce hardly any colour now at all.
Unless I am being sold empty ink cartridges which at £25.99 would alarm me to say the least....

I have just purchased a black one...that did.n't last very long either.
I have had the comp and set up nearly 2 years and have bought 4 cartridges to date

I probably copy out on average 4 sheets a week mainly text too...

  Chrisann 12:33 22 Jan 2003

Just as a follow on to see if anyone can still advise...I did a Test Page and the only colours coming up are Blue Yellow and faint Green... and on align cartridge the colours are bold black blue and yellow only.....Thanks Chrisann...

  Wak 17:07 22 Jan 2003

I would suggest that the Magenta print head is blocked up and if you only get a faint green, then the blue and yellow are not too clever, either.
Suggest you remove the colour cartridge and stand the print head part of it in about a quarter inch of warm water in a saucer for about 10 minutes or so then gently dry with a soft tissue, taking care with the electrical contact face.
Alternatively, you could stand the cartridge on a moistened paper tissue until all colours flow into the tissue freely. Dab dry well before replacing in the printer.
Even if you don't use the colour cartridge very often, I would print a little something with it once a week to stop it drying out. A line of red, blue and yellow text would be sufficient.
Best of Luck.

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