moby58 18:02 02 Jan 2004

lexmark x 75 [5 days out of guarantee!!!]paper keeps mis feeding/pulling to the right/jamming.tried different paper/restarting/paper feed etc...everything troubleshooting has told me...but no joy."cartridge world" said this is a common problem and to replace any parts [rollers] etc would be costly inc labour.only cost £49 from staples in the sale.help!suggestions!!shame to bin it!e mailed lexmark but no reply yet.

  Lozzy 18:14 02 Jan 2004

click here this will help you

  moby58 18:26 02 Jan 2004

where on the site can i find info specific to that problem?ive emailed them thru that site,but cant see where i can check the problem...?

  britto 19:12 02 Jan 2004

click here
similar thread

  Wak 19:37 02 Jan 2004

Hi, I have an X75 and had the same problem which is caused by the paper feed roller only being at the right hand side of the paper so that the left hand guide can slide across to accommodate narrower paper and envelopes.
I solved my problem by using an old credit card clipped to the rear paper support by a bull dog grip just above the bit that sticks out.
This then holds the paper down flat behind the right hand guide and so stops it shooting over to the right and jamming.
I know that this shouldn't be necessary with a decent printer but at least I don't have any problems now, thank goodness.

  moby58 22:03 02 Jan 2004

tried that....still pulling to right and jamming!

  josie mayhem 22:35 02 Jan 2004

By any cnance could there be someting that has droped down into the roller area. The only time I had trouble with paper jamming, it turned out to be a pencil that had dropped into the printer!

  moby58 10:19 03 Jan 2004

turned it upside down and looked with a torch...nothing there!

  oldal 10:30 03 Jan 2004

As a LAST resort try feeding a sheet of very fine wet and dry emery paper thro. the machine, (ABRASIVE SIDE DOWN ). This should remove any glaze on the rollers.

  moby58 11:03 05 Jan 2004

lexmark are sending me a new upgraded machine!out of guarantee!top marks to lexmark!!

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